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Neverending New Beginnings: March 2009

19 Mar 2009

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Classic Anime

Ah, it brings me back memories when I was a child, watch classic anime. By classic anime, I mean anime that was first aired before 2006: The year I started watching various anime and high-definition widescreen was becoming more common. However, it wasn't the first anime I had watched.

It's so long ago that I can't remember what anime that I was watchng back then, but the earliest I remember include Doraemon, Digimon, Slayers, One Piece, and Pocket Monsters. There are also anime from that era that I watched later on.

When I watch anime from back then today, I would say that the graphics now has somewhat improved a lot from just 10 years ago. If you watch both the first and second season of Negima you can already tell the difference: aspect ratio, camera angles, how the story is portrayed, and so on. Another anime that are based on the same storyline, but noticeably different is Kanon: the early-2002 and late-2006 versions. The latter is more faithful (and better looking) to the original story.If you look carefully when watching any old anime on DVD or any digital format, you would notice that the image would shake a bit even if the "camera angle" doesn't move. This doesn't happen on newer anime as they are produced digitally.

There are also anime on today based on books or visual novels that were produced a long time ago like Clannad and White Album. So, even if it's considered recent, the timeline would be of some years ago or envision what the future would be to them back then. Of course, there are also anime that are based on novels (小説) released quite recently that are quite good.

Strangely enough though, what anime me and Haruka watches at any particular given time are exactly the same even though she is at a different location from me. The mystery of having a twin of me.

Images featured here are random screenshots from (from top): "Serial Experiments: Lain" (1998), "Dual! Parallel Trouble Adventure" (1999), "Clannad" (2007, 2008), and "Toradora" (2008)