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Neverending New Beginnings: April 2012

17 Apr 2012

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Haruka Takahashi

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Spring 2012 preview

Spring has came with a batch of new anime that, except for a new, are completely brand new. Due to my unfamiliarity with the titles and me being back from a long break since just before the last episode of the Winter season aired (2nd episode of Spring has been aired at time of writing), I have to be brief about it.

Due to massive backlog and not in the mood to write, I might not write anymore reviews of the Winter 2012 anime

Likely to watch

Accel World

I'm oddly starting to like this anime for some reason. The main character may look... strange... but at least he's more intelligent than Shuu of Guilty Crown (Autumn 2011). Well, these two are different, but you get the idea. The character designs of the other characters and interesting plot made up for it. I don't know how far into the future this is in as not much besides the inside of the school was shown, but phrases like "motorcycles of the past century" was mentioned.

 Natsuiro Kiseki (夏色キセキ)

A group of four girls who had known each other since childhood made a wish with a large stone that appears to have actually worked.

They had wished to be a popular girl band when they get older, but over time, stopped releasing new songs. The relationship between the girls are put to the test.

Sankarea (さんかれあ)

A guy's pet cat has been killed in an accident and was figuring out the unknown missing ingredient to bring it back from the dead at an abandoned place when he noticed a girl from a school near his, admired by his friends for her beauty.
Unknown to others, the girl's father "wants the perfect life for her", but it's apparent that he doesn't let her have friends and destroys any existing ones. The daughter in question, however, can't take it anymore.

Acchi Kocchi (あっちこっち)

Unlike other recent slice-of-life anime like Nichijou (Summer 2011) or Danshi Kokosei no Nichijo (Winter 2012), this one has both guys and girls in it instead of only being either one.

If you are looking for a plot, and slice-of-life is not your thing, I suggest you skip this and watch the other titles I mention here.

Tsuritama (つり球)

The way of living and fishing on the island of Enoshima and having strange encounters.

To those not familiar about where it is, it's an island in the prefecture of Kanagawa that is a short day trip from Tokyo by train. To be more specific, around the coordinates of 35.3001, 139.4803 on the map.

Space Brothers (宇宙兄弟)

Anime that airs around sunrise don't usually fall into my radar as those are targeted at kids, but this seems to be a rare exception to that.

Seen, but didn't like it

Well, as what the sub-title says. I have watched it before, but didn't like what I saw.

Upotte - "The girls are guns and the new homeroom teacher does not know how to handle them." Wait! How on earth are girls guns?! That wasn't explained, and these girls always seem to use another gun to shoot.... Argh. My head got fried.

Nazo no Kanojo X - This one is kind of weird: guy likes to lick the drool of a mysterious girl who falls asleep in class. Since the guy needs her drool daily, this was shown often, which itself is making me uneasy. Had to stop watching it before I puke. Also, the character design is very visibly dated.

Saki of the Episode One (or something like that) - This is actually a spinoff instead of a continuation of the first season of Saki (Spring 2009) and focuses more of the characters than Mahjong (though there's some focus to some degree). I like the characters, but not the game, and I never fully watched the first season anyway.

As you can see here, all of the above titles takes place in High school, with the exception of Space Brothers (and Accel World, but that's in Middle school). It's like a fad in recent anime.