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Neverending New Beginnings: May 2009

30 May 2009

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Haruka Takahashi

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K-ON! - Episode 9

Azusa has just entered the light music club. Except for Mio, they start asking her questions that made her nervous.


Azusa is in class 1-2 and plays the guitar like Yui. Yui blushes when Azusa called her senpai (先輩; senior) to the point that she daydreams.

#9 新入部員!

Yui gave her the guitar to see how well she could play the guitar. Azusa claims that she's still a beginner and can't play well. To everyone's shock, she plays it quite well and obviously better than Yui. Trying to act superior, Yui says that Azusa has a long way to go. Azusa was excited and wants to her Yui play the guitar, but Yui gives the excuse of straining her back during the live performance. Azusa then hands in the application form and heads out.

Azusa enters the room the next day and wants to start practicing, but Tsumugi, Yui and Ritsu wants to have a cup of tea instead. Azusa feels uncomfortable about drinking tea in the music room. Sawako soon walks in and sits down. Being a teacher, Azusa wanted to asked something regarding drinking tea, but she herself asked Tsumugi for Milk Tea. As Tsumugi placed a sliced cake on the table, Sawako then introduces herself as the club advisor. (Where did Mio come from?) Seeing that everyone is eating cake and talking among themselves, Azusa wonders if she is in the light music club and that they are testing their initiative. Azusa strikes a chord on her guitar, but Sawako immediately yells. Ritsu yells at Sawako back for being an idiot and Mio comforts her, but what make Azusa snap was when she heard them saying things on them not doing anything serious like teatime that obviously have nothing to do with practicing. She calmed down only when Yui hugged her and patted her on the head.

Some days later, Azusa still thinks about the other day and doesn't feel like going after all the trouble she had caused. She then enters the room, only that they have not changed. Upon them seeing her, they said that they were about to practice, but Azusa can't resist the cake. (Again, Mio seems to pop out of nowhere.) Azusa has been playing the guitar since primary school year 4 and that her parents were in a jazz band, which does not make her a beginner. But when Yui was asked when she stared playing, Yui seem to try avoiding the question and changed the subject. As a present for the newcomer, they presented her cat ears and everyone can't seem to resist her cuteness. (And now Mio disappeared unnoticed again...)

Azusa feels left out.

Sometime later, when they have switched to summer uniforms (Yui is still wearing pantyhose unlike the year before...), they are still treating her as a playtoy. Mio however, is oblivious to all this. Looking as though it was Mio's thoughts, Ritsu whispers on how things has changed for Mio since Azusa joined and spoils it at the last word.

Yui offers everyone to head to an ice-cream shop near her house.

Mio soon held an emergency meeting about the behaviour of the rest towards Azusa and might make her quit if this continues. Ignoring Mio, Ritsu suggesting having a welcome party for her.

At the party, Azusa wonders why Mio joined the carefree club despite being skilled and asked her if she is in an outside band. Mio replies that being a part of it does sound fun, but is interrupted by Ritsu (who was catching a Frisbee that went astray a short while ago) and partially took out a photo from the envelope. Stage curtains and a pink banner of the school festival of the year before (episode 6) were seen in the reveal parts of the photo. Thinking that it might be the time her panties were accidentally exposed to everyone after their performance. Azusa comments to herself on how well Ritsu knows Mio's weakness. At the end of the day, Sawako, Tsumugi, and Yui do not seem to care about Azusa's feelings until Mio reminded them again.

Everyone soon start some serious practicing. With both Yui and Azusa playing the guitar, song that they could play has increased. Knowing Yui, Ritsu would decide who would become the lead guitarist after they both performed. Yui gave Azusa the stare to make her go first. After she performs, Yui pretends to have a back ache again but soon begs Azusa on how to play the guitar. During break, Sawako, Yui, and Tsumugi treat her the same way as day one.

Wanting to join another band, Azusa brings her guitar around to various band performances and not turn up at the light music club, but something seems missing. She doesn't know what motivated her to join the club. The others were worried and played the song during the freshman reception concert (episode 8). Answering to Azusa's question to Mio on why she did not join other bands at the park the other day, she replied that it's because it's fun playing with them and that everyone feels the same that they could perform well.

Azusa joins them again in the end.


Note: The statue and its decorations look ugly in this episode...

25 May 2009

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Haruka Takahashi

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K-ON! - Episode 8

Ui Hirazawa is visiting Sakura High to check the results of her entrance exams. To her excitement, her name is there and would be enrolled into her older sister's school in spring. Yui and the others came along to support her.


At the first day of the new school year, students check the notice board near the shoe lockers to see what class they will be in. Ritsu, Yui and Tsumugi are in class 2-2, but Mio is in class 2-1. Ui pops by and fixes Yui. Ritsu comments that Ui should be the older sister. The bell for the first lesson is heard and everyone goes their separate ways. 2-2 is on the 2nd floor, so Mio is separated from the others at the stairs. Mio finds that there is no one she knows in her new class of 2-1 until Nodoka goes up to her, who is also separated from people she knows.

#8 新歓!

Everyone is promoting their clubs and the Light Music club is no exception. They would be facing stiff competition as the larger clubs would have better tactics. Mio did some designs (seems to be of the same design from the year before), but it lacks a selling point. Sawako drops by to help them.

All the members are wearing animal costumes (lol) and would be having a live performance the following day, but it had the opposite intended effect. Yui overheard Ui having a conversation with a friend on what clubs to join and runs towards them. The two girls turns around and, to their shock, they saw an oversized chicken running towards them and quickly ran towards the nearby building. Azusa and an another girl saw the incident. At that moment Mio (in a horse suit) gives them a pamphlet saying that they are from the light music club and to head to the music on the 3rd floor after school if they're interested. Azusa then saw all the other people in animal costumes gathering together.

Despite all their effort, it seems that no one has paid (positive) attention to them. On that, Sawako showed them a maid costume that she had also made. The only exception is Tsumugi and Sawako.

At the end of school in Ui's classroom, a girl wanted to go with her to check out the light music club. The other girl appears to still be horrified from what happened earlier during lunch. Azusa was looking at Ui when someone approached her to view the exhibition by the jazz club at their clubroom on the 2nd floor. Azusa joins her.

Ui and her friend reaches the room and knocks on the door and opens the door. Ui is surprised to see her older sister, and everyone else, in their maid uniforms. At that moment Sawako zooms past them with Mio (still in her uniform) and a maid costume, out of the room to somewhere. She also zooms past Azusa and friend at the stairs on the second floor. Sawako has been addicted to dressing them since Christmas. Ui introduces to her friend to everyone in the room while Nodoka drops by demanding for the application form from Ritsu or the club won't be able to perform. By the time Ui finishes her introduction, Sawako is back with Mio in a maid outfit.

Azusa and friend leaves the Jazz clubroom. She finds it to be different from real jazz. At the stairs she walks past earlier, she took out the pamphlet she received earlier and then looked up the stairs, where the Music Room is.


Back in the preparation room, everyone gets ready to perform, but the maid costumes were in the way, so they changed into their tracksuits. Azusa wanted to take a peak into the music room. She and a friend with here saw them performing in tracksuits instead of the animal costumes they were wearing at lunch. They also saw Ui in there with a bothering face on her.

After the performance, Yui apologizes for not having a proper performance as they were usually serious. Ui's friend don't seem to be impressed by them though. As they make their way out, she seems to be behaving very strangely partly because of the revealed fact that she is the younger sister of one of the members. Upon reaching the locker, her friend made an excuse to head to the toilet and asks her to go ahead. Ui saw Azusa there. Azusa just leaves without saying a word to her.

Back at the Hirazawa household that night, Ui is cooking dinner and Yui is preparing her guitar for tomorrows performance and asks her what the best part about the light music club. Ui recalls about the time Yui would behave before she joined that club the year before and how much has changed. Yui still wants ice-cream before dinner though.

The next day at the hall, the light music club members are preparing behind closed curtains for the freshmen reception. Mio is nervous, Yui found a 100 yen coin, Ritsu looks at the list of songs they would be performing, Tsumugi prepares her keyboard. Since Mio is still nervous from the last live performance (episode 6) and that the person doing the vocals has not really been decided, Yui would be doing all the vocals. Ritsu assures that the incident from then would not happen again, but the mention of it made her even more scared. Yui and Tsumugi made fun of her by saying names of food and have her say no to those.

Meanwhile, back in Ui's (almost empty) classroom, her friend met a cool senior back in the jazz club, so she won't be joining the light music club. Azusa stood at a corner to listen to them until Ui looked at her. Azusa tries to leave unnoticed by her, but Ui called her out to head to the hall, where all the first years are. Yui explained how she joined them back then after taking a break from the previous song. The way Yui explained to them annoyed Ritsu as she keeps adding on words after she was done talking when she thought that the performance of the next song would start.

However, just as Yui was supposed to start singing, she seems to have forgotten her lyrics and Mio has to come in to rescue her. Mio knows that from the fact she's playing the guitar for the difficult part of the intro quite well and that she would forget the lyrics when she does so (episode 5). During the performance, Ui at the far back of the hall notices Azusa trying to stand on her heels.


That evening, everyone is looking out of the door looking for any hopeful new members, but nobody seems to approach them. Tsumugi prepares tea for them and says that if they were to continue staring out the door, people who originally wanted to join would not come in. It was at that moment that Azusa enters the room saying that she wanted to join. Out of excitement, Ritsu jumps at the now-petrified Azusa to celebrate.


Note: The girl that went to watch the light music club in the music room, but end up going to the Jazz club appears to be Ui's friend from middle school and the credits seem to list her as "鈴木 純". Since her name wasn't mentioned, "鈴木 " could be read as "Atsumi/Azu/Aya/Ito/Kokoro/Jun/Junji/Sunao/Sumi/Tadashi/Tsunade/Pyua/Makoto/Masumi/Megumi/Yasushi Suzuki/Suzuko/Suzushi". Since her name in kanji is mentioned instead of having her voice actor as part of "生徒" (Student) listed last in the voice cast credits, she must have a significance of some sort later on. May not become the main character like Azusa, but at least on the level of Ui (before this episode), Nodoka, and Sawako.

28 June: Episode 13 has confirmed her name to be Jun Suzuki.

21 May 2009

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K-On! - Episode 7

It's the holiday season of back when Yui and Ui were younger. Yui struggles to put up the star on top of the (small) Christmas tree. Ui, who is holding the chair she's standing on, was worried for her. Yui then worries about whether Santa would come, while Ui wants a white Christmas that year, which means that everything would by snow on Christmas day. On Christmas morning, Yui wakes Ui up and brings her to the tree at the driveway. Ui sees what appears to be snow, but notices something strange about it. It turns out that it's the fluff from inside their cushions, which had Yui into trouble that day. (I noticed that car over there seem to remain unchanged...)


Back to the current times, Yui and Ui are walking to school. They noticed each other to have lost a scarf and a left glove. They shared Yui's scarf and hold each other.

#7 クリスマス!

In the club room, Ritsu has made a poster for the Christmas party on Christmas eve at Tsumugi's house (with an admission fee of 1000 yen). The problem is that her house is not free on that day. There is always something being held there and needs to be reserved a month in advance. Ritsu's place is too messy and Mio's has a lot of embarrassing items lying around. They end up having it at Yui's house, whose parents travel frequently and are in Germany on that day. Ritsu also suggests gift exchanging on that day and invites Nodoka too.

Soon everyone heads out to shop for the gift exchange. They received lucky draw vouchers, but all of them only gets boxes of tissues. They then heard a ringing bell from nearby indicating that someone had won a large prize. It was Tsumugi winning a trip to Hawaii, but turned it down and exchanged it for a game of life board game. Meanwhile Ui wonders what food she would make and what to perform.


Ui was preparing food when she heard a pop sound from the living room. Ui went out to see what happened, only to see Yui playing with the party popper and asked her to do the decorations. Ui places the sandwiches on the table and heads back to the kitchen. (Looking at the outside, the living room seems to be on the 2nd floor) Suspicious, Ui turned around after a while to check that Yui does not eat the food meant for the guest.

Once everyone arrived and the food is ready, they had some drinks. However, Sawako seem to appear out of nowhere. On asking on why she wasn't invited, Yui said loudly to everyone that they thought that Sawako would be on a date with her boyfriend. That made her even more embarrassed and made her wear the (female) Santa costume. But Yui manages to wear it without embarrassment, so she proceeds to make Mio wear it. Mio resisted it a lot just as Nodoka arrives at the doorstep.

The time for gift exchanging arrived. Sawako would start singing Jingle Bells as everyone passed around the gifts and the gift they would be holding when she stops singing would be theirs. Ritsu notices that the gift she received was hers, so Sawako swaps with her. Sawako then unwraps the present quickly and opens it only to find a yellow thing with a spring on it to knock her in the face. Everyone else was afraid she would become angry because of it, and knowing that she was having trouble finding a boyfriend for a long time. Yui and Ui opened up theirs and received gifts from each other. They then had fun and games until it's late. It started to snow when Yui and Ui send them off.

Just as Ui enters her bed, Yui walks in and wants to sleep with her and to stay warm. In the end, Yui was coiled up in Ui's blanket as she slept and Ui has nothing but her scarf to keep her warm.

At the temple on New Year's Day with the club members, Yui talks about how much she eats without gaining weight. Mio and Tsumugi were sad by this fact as they had gained some weight. They then noticed Sawako tying bad luck charms at the tree for some number of times.

They wished for what they wanted, but Ritsu asks to do so for the club. Ritsu whacks Yui when she wishes for Tsumugi to bring more cakes.


19 May 2009

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K-On! - Episode 6

The audience applauded as the curtain in the school hall rises to reveal the members of the Light Music Club. Mio is trembling. Ritsu soon starts the performance.


The day of the Sakura High Festival has arrived. People were walking in and many stalls, games and decorations were set up at the front courtyard and all over the school. As Mio walks down the decorated corridor and pass the No Entry (立入禁止) sign, she wonders if the others are in the club room yet. Mio finds the room empty.

#6 学園祭!

Yui's class is serving fried noodles. She has to be there for the morning session, so she can't practice with Mio. At that moment, the breaker tripped for the umpteenth time. Someone come in and talk to them, but said that it was class 1-5 the cause. She heads to where Ritsu is. She's in charge with the admission for the haunted house and that there is a long queue waiting outside. When asked where Tsumugi is, Ritsu points to the inside. Mio becomes terrified when she saw the sign. As she walks around the dimly lit place with scary things around, she heard a scream and becomes even more frightened. She heard Tsumugi's voice and turns around, but what she saw made her scream loud enough to be heard where Yui is and scare everyone else in the haunted house.

Nodoka drops by to see Yui. The performance starts at 3 o'clock, so she would find someone to take over Yui's place to let her practice. Yui soon rushes out of the class (Where did she change?) and runs to where Ritsu is, asking where the others are. Tsumugi is still inside, Ritsu's shift is almost over, and Mio is probably in the club room.

Yui is still standing at the door outside the club room when the other two arrived. The three of them took a peak inside and saw Mio practicing very hard inside alone. Mio was shocked when Ritsu bangs open the door and everyone walking in. The practice begins...

After they had perfected the song, Sawako came in with the clothes she had made for them, but Mio doesn't like them. Sawako gave her the other option to have her old clothes, but Mio preferred the other option in the end. Also, Tsumugi and Yui likes them.


Everyone starts to carry the instruments and equipment to the backstage of the hall before their performance. Knowing that Mio would be too worried about the performance, she did not have her to carry them. Yui finds the equipment heavy that she had was struggling to carry it. Along the way, Tsumugi had walked past her three times and Yui wonders how she could do that easily. Yui was relief when she finally manages to put it down at the back of the hall. Yui overhears that after the current performance, the choir next, and then the light music club.

After everyone was done moving the equipment, Tsumugi invites them for tea. Yui asks Ritsu if she was childhood friends with Mio. Ritsu wasn't sure if she first met her in kindergarten or primary school, but she was already shy back then. Mio comes in to join them and Tsumugi served her tea. Ritsu was surprised on how calm she looked. As she picked up the cup of tea, she says that she can't be nervous the whole time and is no longer a kid, but the way she hold the cup of tea says otherwise. Mio desperately wants to swap places with Ritsu and play both the drums and bass at the same time, but that is obviously impossible. Yui blames herself for losing her voice that Mio has to do this, but Yui has yet to have her voice recovered.

Back at the hall, after the choir has performed, Yui and the others are excited about performing, but Mio is still nervous about the clothes she's wearing. It was then they heard the MC announcing their turn. Everyone rushes to their positions. Yui tripped over the wire for the drums but almost fell down. The stage lights were turned on and the button to raise the curtain was pressed to reveal the band to the audience.

Everyone in the audience likes the outfits the band was wearing. Mio gets very nervous with everyone in the audience are looking at her. Yui, Ritsu and Tsumugi gave her encouragement by saying how hard she had already practiced. The performance starts with Ritsu with the drumsticks.


At the end of their performance, everyone in the audience applauded. Even Sawako and Nodoka who are at the sides are applauding for them too. Mio thanks them. With that, they leave the stage. However, Mio then trips over the wire connected to the amplifier and falls flat down. As she gets up, the audience gaps in shock. Mio doesn't know what was going on until she realizes that her panties are exposed to them. With an awkward pause and a camera flash, Mio screams in horror.

The following day, everyone congratulated each other about the performance. (How did they remove the festival decorations without any traces so quickly?) Because of yesterday's incident, Mio now has her own fan club, except that the person in question is still depressed about the incident.


17 May 2009

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Haruka Takahashi

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K-ON! - Episode 5

It's the summer after the holidays and Ritsu is looking through the album Mio had found in the previous episode. She shows it to Yui who had just walked in. In the album, there are pictures from the old light music club. The fashion they were wearing makes Ritsu wonder what era it was from.


Everyone is now in the clubroom. While Yui was practicing, she had a cut on her fingertip and was visibly bleeding. Mio was somehow scared upon hearing this. Ritsu decides to make fun of her but ignores Yui who wanted a bandage. At that moment, Sawako Yamanaka, the club advisor and Yui's music teacher, entered to borrow some stands.

#5 顧問!

Tsumugi walks out of a room and hears Yui yelling in pain from the staff room. In there, Sawako was disinfecting Yui's finger and applying the bandage. She checks her fingers and said that her fingers would bleed again and advised to play more to have her fingers harden. On that, Yui asks her if she plays the guitar too, but replied that her old friends used to play them. A male teacher then sits at the desk opposite Sawako's and she offers him tea. Yui turns around and noticed Tsumugi standing outside at the doorway.

As they walk down the corridor, it turns out that Mio asked Tsumugi to had in the form for using the stage during the school festival, but the club is not yet recognized as an official club yet, and therefore rejected. Took Yui a while to realize what she just said. Back in the club room, Ritsu was shocked about the club not being recognized and wants to investigate the cause. Mio is still trembling from earlier.

Yui and Ritsu barges into the student council room, but is surprised to see Nodoka in there. Turns out that she is a student council member. Nodoka looks through the list of approved clubs and finds that the light music club is not there. (Where did Tsumugi come from?) Ritsu thinks that this is a conspiracy to force small clubs to disband, but it turns out that they did not hand in the club application form. Tsumugi and Ritsu never heard of such thing, but Mio barges in with an evil aura saying that they had.

It was back in spring in the clubroom when Ritsu starts to fill up the form. Tsumugi calls out that she had brought pound cake that day. Ritsu was happy and jumps to it, saying to Mio that she would fill the form when she finishes eating. Mio tries to stop her though. In the end, Ritsu did not fill it up and the form now lies crumpled under one of the desks in the music room. Almost everyone argued among themselves. Nodoka says that she would sort everything out by filling out the form for them, but stops when asked who their advisor is. Everyone gave a blank stare at her. They did not have any.

Everyone followed Sawako around until she notices them. They beg her to be their advisor as there was no one else but her. After some fruitless persuasion, Yui asked if she had graduated from Sakura High as she was looking through the album from earlier. Sawako immediately made a mad dash to to the club room at the mention of the album. She reaches the room and opens the album, but the particular photo in question is missing, which Ristu was holding. Sawako admits to being part of the club. Yui played the tape from the previous episode. Sawako (and Mio) heads to a corner and shuts her ears out of embarrassment. Yui wants to her to play her guitar. From the moment she touches it she seems to enter some kind of a trance and starts playing the guitar with a change of personality.

When she revert back to her normal self, she wanted to have a pure image of a teacher and was recalled of her time from eight years ago.


Sawako was in love with someone, but he prefers girls who are more wild. That made her to become the girl he liked. (A broken classical guitar was seen.) As she became more and more wild, the guy became further and further away at her performance and said at a particular spring some years later that she was overdoing it.

When she got out of the flashback mode, Ritsu threatened Sawako that she should become their advisor unless she wants her secret to be leaked. Yui says that she is too tough. Yui then notices Tsumugi looking at Ritsu and Sawako with the same stare as she was looking at Yui earlier. She snapped out only when Mio called her.

They played what they had prepared for the festival so far to Sawako. She finds that there were some problems with it, with the most obvious being lacking a vocalist. Sawako becomes mad and everyone was scared of her. It wasn't until Tsumugi offered her some cake that she calmed down.

At Mio's house, she tries to figure out the lyrics when she receives a message from Tsumugi. It said that her heart has been thumping since Sawako became their advisor and wishes her luck on writing of the lyrics. On the word "thumbing" (ドキドキ), she recalls from when Yui alerted her when Tsumugi was staring blankly. Thinking on how they are linked to her message, Mio thought that she had an affection for Sawako, but did not think that it would be possible as they are both girls and Sawako is older.

Mio is done with the lyrics but doesn't want to show to the others as it's embarrassing. Ritsu then grabs the sheet from her but argued on who and why should read it first. It wasn't until they got off topic that Sawako grabs it from them. Ritsu butts in to see the lyrics:
揺れる思いは マシュマロみたい
ふわタイム ふわタイム
They find the lyrics weird but Yui likes it. When Ritsu asks for Tsumugi's opinion, she was blankly staring at Yui and Mio and blindly replied to the question Ritsu asked. Sawako is the only one who agreed with Ritsu, but then she though of if that she says that she likes it, her image (being their advisor) could be raised and imagine being liked by everyone. She proceeds to cutely say that she likes it, out of Ritsu's surprise.

Giving in, Ritsu says to go with the lyrics Mio has written and asks her to do the vocals. However, Mio rejects it as she could not sing such an embarrassing song. Avoiding Yui for some reason, Ritsu keeps looking at Tsumugi if she wants to do it. In the end, Yui was chosen, but forgets to sing and play the guitar at the same time. Sawako then offers to have her go through some special training with her and leaves the room. It was that moment that Mio notices that same blank stare. On being asked if she like Sawako, she instead replies that girls bonding together with is great, but Mio and Ritsu did not understand what she meant.

A week later, they confirmed with Nodoka again about the usage of the stage on the day of the festival and would contact again about the performance time being confirmed. Sawako and Yui made an appearance at that moment upon the completion of the special training. Everyone was shocked that Yui was able to play the guitar well, but lost her voice from training too much. Nodoka says that they have to confirm the vocalist as the festival is just 3 days away. In the end, they look to Mio as she is, after all, the one who wrote the lyrics. On that, Mio faints.