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Neverending New Beginnings: June 2011

29 Jun 2011

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Haruka Takahashi

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[Completed] - A-Channel

Japanese Name: Aチャンネル
Season: Spring 2011

This anime is exactly what its genre falls into: slice-of-life as what it should be and, in the anime timeline, ended a year later.

For the insert songs, at first I thought it was the ending theme due to it being so close to the end of the first episode. Another shocker was that there were insert songs that were all good and matches the scene it was played at, with the exception being the final episode.

The anime is heartwarming and has this warm and fuzzy feeling. It's fun to see Run making mistakes, which are easy to tell from her eyes when she's prone to.

Despite the nice things to say about it, re-watch value is kind of low. Not recommended if you want action and not want nothing to happen.

25 Jun 2011

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Haruka Takahashi

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[Completed] - We Still Don't Know the Name of the Flower We Saw That Day

Japanese name: あの日見た花の名前を僕達はまだ知らない。 (Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai.)
Season: Spring 2011

This was a heartfelt anime that (almost) made me cry. It ended on a good note.

At some point in time, I actually felt like dropping this anime. What had me to pick it up again was the many positive reviews it had. Watching it over again, and paying close attention, I'm starting to like it more.

This follows a group of childhood friends, Jintan in particular, shut himself out from the outside world when the spirit of Menma kept pestering him. It turns out that only Jintan can see her, but Menma can interact with objects. Jintan gathers his other childhood friends to help send her back to heaven, though they think he's crazy. Trying to achieve exactly Menma wants was not easy, like money to make fireworks, and conflict among each other.

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[Possible Dropped] - Blooming Fundamentals

Japanese title: 花咲くいろは (Hanasaku Iroha)
Season: Spring 2011
Might have dropped at: I don't know what's going on anymore (Episode 12), maybe until an episode with a new opening and/or ending sequence to know for sure.

Well, this anime is on the borderline of continuing to watch this, and the possibility of dropping it completely. I'm kind of lost.

Visual and music wise, there's nothing wrong actually, one of the best I've come across to tell you the truth. The reason for dropping is mostly because of my diminishing interest and the lack of any interesting progress in storyline. Almost too slow.

Why I'm even considering is my schedule, not knowing that this a 24-episode anime, A-Channel ended at 12 episodes instead of the expected 24, and the recent end of Anohana.

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[Dropped] - [C]: The Money of Soul and Possibility Control

Japanese title: [C]
Season: Spring 2011
Dropped at: just before the collapse of the Southeast Asian financial district (episode 7)

This anime was dropped quite a while ago, so I might not remember clearly on why I dropped it or details of the anime itself.

This anime started off interestingly of receiving a lot of money, but in exchange of having to fight battles weekly with others in the same situation in the "Financial District", an alternate world. Loosing a battle means having misfortune that could range from failing a minor test, to having one's child to be unborn.

Well, I kind of tolerated the character design, but the creature attached to the protagonist (called Myshuu or something) was kind of... not visually appeasing.

As the episodes go on, it starts to become clear that the battles that I wasn't interested in became the main focus of the anime, and nothing interesting to watch. At some parts, English was spoken, but spoken with obviously simple vocabulary with a Japanese accent. I'm not making fun of the voice actors behind it, but it does make me uneasy having heard real American and British accents for quite a while. Combining all the tiny things that I have been tolerating has become a reason for me to drop this.

Change of the way of posting

I'm going to rework the way I post things on this blog, seeing that the current way of doing things had resulted in me not following it.

When I had stopped watching an anime ("dropped") that is currently on TV in Japan that is at the 3rd or more episode, I usually don't write a post about it except for a brief mention on twitter and the anime in question disappearing from my "Anime Watch List" section at the sidebar, but do give a detailed description at the end of the season. The problem with this is writing a very long list, plus writing the preview of the next season, and possibly having forgotten in detail of why I had dropped it. Anime dropped before this month (June 2011), but after the spring anime started, are not reflected.

With that, I am no longer writing the end-of-season review, but write each one of them individually as soon as it ended or had them "dropped". Anime that has been dropped after many episodes are usually ones that fail to progress in storyline (entertain me in the case of slice-of-life) or had tolerated it for quite some time due to other reasons like being related to an another anime (To Aru Majutsu no Index 2), or had very detailed landscaping (Hanasaku Iroha).