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Neverending New Beginnings: February 2013

5 Feb 2013

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Haruka Takahashi

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Dropping a bunch of anime (Feb 2013)

After watching some episodes from the Winter anime lineup, I found that I have too much anime to watch that would take up my precious time if I were to watch them. They have to go. There are many 2nd (or higher) season anime this winter.

The difference between not picking up, and picking up but drop it later is that I was curious about it, but for various reasons, had to drop it. What determines anime I would like to drop? Here are some, but not all (can't remember every reason), of the points:

  • Not looking forward to the next episode.
  • Falling asleep while watching
  • Attention span wanders off too often
  • Found myself at, for example, the 12th episode and still determining if I should watch it.
  • Turned out to be boring.
  • There are other anime in the same season that are a lot better.
  • Design of characters looks worse from the previous season.
  • Too much obvious filters or fanservice
  • How the characters are dressed, and how the camera angle is pointed at them
  • More than half of the episode is spent talking about the same thing.
  • More than half of the whole season takes place in the same room

So, what are this anime that I dropped, and why?
  1. Robotics;Notes (Autumn 2012): I watched it because it's related to the two anime I watch before called Chaos;Head and Steins;Gate, but by 16th episode (yes, that far), I don't see any, and I found myself not interested with the anime itself.
  2. Vividred Operation: So much stereotypical things of a magical anime, and look at what they are wearing, on top of the seemingly deliberate camera angles at the girls. Need I say more? Oh, the title is also hard for me to spell or pronounce.
  3. GJ部: First episode looked promising, but it went downhill from there. OP theme song made me want to sleep, and rapid speech at the beginning isn't helping either. The scenes in the episodes reminds me a lot of...
  4. Seitokai no Ichizon Lv.2: What do you know, the anime in question is here too. The same location for the whole season with (as I recall) no other scenes shown. Not even the corridor just outside. Kadokawa, a main sponsor of this anime, oddly released all of their episode trailers (all the way until the last) on their YouTube channel months before it even first aired on TV. This tells me that they know how boring it is since every scene in those trailers looks the same as they all take place in the same room.

I am thinking of dropping Chihayafuru 2 and Minamike Tadaima too, but I haven't drop them yet.