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Neverending New Beginnings: Not the first time blogging....

27 Oct 2006

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Haruka Takahashi

Not the first time blogging....

I have created a new blog but this is not my first time writing a blog. You can view my other blogs at the following places:

My randomness / 私の偶発性 (Why's the layout and text in pink? :| ) ( The part saying about the page being pink is part of the name.

(>_<) (Windows Live Spaces; not to confuse with
There are places that I go regularly but i don't call them blogging sites. These include Friendster and (not to confuse with windows live spaces)

As you can see "My randomness / 私の偶発性 (Why's the layout and text in pink? :| )" has many things and does not follow the regular template, hence, no link to my profile from there. At least, in the style that would normally be found in the template you see here. I can honestly say that I did not create the code from scratch but I have edited it so much that it does not closely ressemble the original layout. (the only thing that I have obiously not changed is the scroll bar)

Anyways, that blog has mostly japanese related things (eg. Anime, tourists spots, language, etc.). So many things, so little time. The most obious thing you would notice is the pink background and text (orignal colour is about the same as the scrollbar colour (IE only)) and the dominating female anime characters. At that time, you know, strange thing happing to my mind back then (and probably still ongoing now) because of my hormones changing. (i'm 16 back then). The obious signs are excessive oil glands, causing pimples, and at one time I behave like a male and female on another (although I myself may not be aware of that happening, apart from unexplained mood chandes).
To view my full profile just highlight all the text in the profile there (as what it says in a blog post there).

Windows Live Spaces (formerly known as MSN Spaces). As for the layout, same explanation as above, I felt that I was a 女 at that time. The posts there (which also appears in "My randomness / 私の偶発性 (Why's the layout and text in pink? :| )") mostly reflect my life. The disadvantage is that it takes a long time just to load the page (loading stuff like the ability to drag-and-drop modules around in the browser like you would with icons around your pc). But the advantage is that you can easily post a blog using your mobile phone (although charges apply and i dont like entering words with the mobile phone keypad espically ones which you have to press a key several times to get a caracter.) as compared to blogger which you have to send to an e-mail adress (not everyone knows how to do that without using the phone's web browser) with some random numbers that you choose.
As for the pictures there, those are genuine photos that I took (or at least by someone I know who happens to be using my camera at that time) in that particular month. So far, I have uploaded those from Feburary to September 2006. I plan to upload those taken from December 2003 to January 2006 and October 2006 onwards once the monthly bandwith is reseted (I managed to upload about 500 images before reaching the limit.).

I might consider using Flickr as an alternative.

(Not sure if I should post my next blog here or over at "My randomness / 私の偶発性 (Why's the layout and text in pink? :| )")