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Neverending New Beginnings: K-ON! - Episode 1

4 Apr 2009

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Haruka Takahashi

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K-ON! - Episode 1

Note:This is just a trial to see if I could write up anime and may come out late or even not complete writing the whole series due to other commitments. Title of the episode and opening & ending theme are intentionally left not translated.

A photo of Yui graduating from Middle school with her friends on a pin board and various parts of the room were shown as the sound of a ticking clock, followed by the alarm bell ringing. Yui struggles to wake up to turn off the alarm. As soon as she turns it off, her younger sister enters. Yui realises that the time on her mobile phone is 8am and rushes to change and grabs a toast on the way out. Despite her rushing and distractions along the way, Yui realises that the clock at the front of the school building says only 8:04 in the morning

Everyone is now seated excitedly at the hall for the opening ceremony. (I can't help but notice: it seems to be an all-girls school and the hall interior looks like a church) Today is the first day as a High School student.

Yui is now seen walking (like Fuuko of Clannad) with blooming Cherry Blossom trees visible in the background where a mob crowds around her and received an arms full of pamphlets. Later on, when the trees have green spots, Yui walks along the same path and notices a notice board full of posters from various sports clubs. She then starts to think hard about what clubs to join.

In her class of 1-3, 2 weeks since school started with a club application on her desks. She says to Nodoka that she's not athletic and knows nothing about the liberal arts clubs. Nodoka comments that people who have not joined clubs would become NEETs. Yui get shocked over this. Nodoka adds on to say that Yui has never joined clubs before. Yui now thinks to herself that she should do something, but doesn't know what it is, as she looks towards the window.

#1 廃部!

Ritsu is seen running and calling Mio along the corridor and wants to check out the clubs. Ritsu says the wants to check out the light music club, but Mio has decided on the literature club and shows the application form. Mio looks at it with a disappointed look and rips apart the form as she drags her to the music room, but finds it empty.

At the staff room, Ritsu is shocked to find out that the club was going to be suspended as other members have graduated in the previous year. The teacher adds on to say that it would be suspended if there isn't at least 4 people joining the club by the end of the month. When Yui comes to call her, the teacher says that she has to go for a music lesson.

As the teacher approaches and gives Yui the music sheets, she stares blankly at Ritsu and Mio and gets shock when found out that they were staring back and drops the papers the teacher gave her a while earlier. As she picks up the paper under the table, she hit her face against the table as she tries to get back up. Mio then turns around to say that since the club is going to be suspended, she decides to join the literature club. Ritsu, however, stops her and says to herself that she would become the club president if she joins. Meanwhile, the teacher explains to Yui what she was talking to the other two about.

After school, Ritsu and Mio find themselves in the empty music room, with Ritsu claiming that she is waiting for new applications to approach and waits. After some time, Tsumugi enters to have a look around the room as she wants to join the choir. Ritsu uses this opportunity to make Tsumugi join the club, but Mio drags her away and heads home. As Mio leaves, Ritsu says in a sad voice to her if she has forgotten the promise of being the Bassist and her being the drummer and that they always wanted to be a band. Ritsu goes on to say that it happened during the live performance they went to. It turns out that they were actually watching it on TV and that Ritsu was the one who said it.

After Mio hits Ritsu when she says that they would split the money 7:3, Tsumugi finds them funny and says that she could only play the keyboard and that she would join them. This would now leave only the guitarist.

As Yui and Nodoka walks out, Yui repeats from earlier that she should do something and clings on to her like a parent and child.

Later, the 3 girls came out with posters for the club. Ritsu's has loud words on it, while Mio's is too small and barely filled, but Tsumugi's is decent and uses it to put up on the notice board.
With one week to the end of April, Yui noticed the poster of the Light Music club had replaced the Ping Pong club's poster she saw earlier. This brings her flashbacks to when she was in kindergarten, playing the clarinet and the teacher praising her back then. With that, she decides to join the club.


At lunch, Yui declares to Nodoka that she would be joing the Light music club, but doesn't know what it is and believes that she would be doing light things. Yui brings Nodoka to the poser she saw. Nodoka says that Yui would be joining a band, but Yui comments that she can't play the guitar...

In the music room the teacher handed the 3 girls there the form Yui had submitted and the 3 girls got excited.

As Yui get her way to the music club, she has to walk past the rooms of the clubs dedicated to extraterrestrials and zombies. As she's about to enter the room, she thinks about quitting, but then thinks about what kind of people are in the light music club. She then thoughts about scary monsters, and got frightened. As Ritsu placed her hand on Yui shoulder (where did she come from?), Yui thought that the monster she just thought of had caught her and got scared. Ritsu then recognizes her as the clumsy girl she saw in the staff room earlier. Upon realizing that she is the Yui Hirasawa that applied for the club as a guitarist, she brings her in and the other 2 girls in the room greeted her.

With some tea, delicious cake, and misconceptions later, Tsumugi asked Yui if Yui has plans to join other clubs, but she doesn't have any plans to. At that moment, Ritsu signals the rest not to let her escape. They use delicious cookies as bait to keep her in the end. Yui says that she has nothing to do if she didn't join the club and used eating delicious food in there as an excuse to make her stay there. However, Yui says that she wasn't thinking seriously when applying and had given the club false hopes and starts crying, but got happy and excited when Ritsu says that they would perform for her. They prepared their instruments and started playing music. The scene switches between them, Yui, the empty school corridors, and the early evening sky.

After the performance, Yui gives a reverse physiology answer that they were amateurs and finally decides to join because it seems fun. That made the other 3 members to not believe what she said at first and got happy. As a commemoration of the (re)birth of the club, Ritsu picks and holds up Mio's camera and takes a picture of them together, except that only Ritsu's forehead and one of her fingers are visible in the photo. When Yui says that she's not good with instruments (again), Tsumugi says that it's now a good opportunity to learn the guitar with the help from the others.

Nodoka got surprised when she found out at lunch later that she joined the Light Music Club. Nodoka says that Yui has to buy a guitar, since the school won't lend her one and thinks that ¥5000 ($50) would be enough to get her one. Nodoka wonders if the club will be alright with Yui in the club.

This episode summarized in 36 seconds.