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Neverending New Beginnings: To Aru Kagaku no Railgun 06

7 Nov 2009

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Haruka Takahashi

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To Aru Kagaku no Railgun 06

What? A doll being sucked inwards?

What was that?

Mikoto seems to have a liking for this particular vending machine

While discussing about the recent cases involving Graviton, Kuruko is lecturing Mikoto about what she should do.

She gets even angrier as Kuroko continues on.


Huh? I'm suddenly in a restaurant with Uiharu?

Kazari: Uwaa... I've been wanting to eat this.
Kuroko: U-i-ha-ru...

Shirai-san?! What are you doing here?

My food...

Hm? Uiharu left this behind?

They're gone... guess I'll return to her later.

There you are! We have a job to do!

Job? What job?

Hey? Are you alright? That face, I've never seen you before... Are you a newbie?

Mii: Here you go!
Mikoto: What's this?
Mii: It's a broom of course! To clean the area around us!

My armband... it's gone...

Oh? A lost child? How cute!

How do you use this thing? It doesn't have a navigation menu...

Is he harassing her?

Come! I'll bring you saftey so that you can be...

What? You're back there again?

This is the same park as episode 1

Just what on earth am I doing in this narrow corridor?

Oh no! An insect!

And I can't get out!

Why am I the one below?

Uiharu! Is that your child?! She's just a lost child. Be quiet, she's trying to sleep.

Mikoto: Wooo... I'm a zombie...

Hey you! Who do you think you are? Bumping into us like that?

How dare you talk back to us!

Huh! What ya got, punk? Come on, fight us!

What's with all the commotion behind me?

Oh, it's nothing. Shut up you brat!

Mikoto: Are you alright?
Guy: You should have come sooner. Stupid Judgment.

My worse nightmare: being surrounded by kids

Hey! That dog is carrying what we are looking for!

Come! Fight me!


Caught you, but where did the bag go?

AAH! Don't let the bag wet!

Too bad I got wet myself...

Wai! My bag! Thank you!

Kuroko: As expected of Konori-san.
Komari: Oh, the one who found it is not me.

Komari: It's this girl.

Kazari: Misaka-san?
Kuroko: Oneesama?

You found out who I am?

I'm embarrassed...

Oneesama, come to me!

You're all too noisy!

This is the Judgment! Please evacuate the store immediately!

Man: Is there anything wrong with my store?
Girl A: We've receive info that there's a bomb in here.

What? Did she say bomb? RUN!

Guy: Where is the bomb?
Girl B: Ah!

Guy: What's wrong?
Girl B: My feet... I can't move...

What is that I see there...

It got suck into itself just like the stuffed animal we saw earlier!



That is some useful shield.

He.... He.... He.... He's.... g-g-g-g....

Girl A: Are you all right?

Girl B: That guy, he...

Girl B: ...tried to save me.

I can't believe what I'm seeing...

To be continued!