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Neverending New Beginnings: To Aru Kagaku no Railgun 13

27 Feb 2010

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Haruka Takahashi

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To Aru Kagaku no Railgun 13

The weather is so hot that I can't eat outdoors~

Misaka-senpai, Kuruko-san, would you help us to be models?

Uiharu and Saten was invited along. They are amazed at how nice the building is.

Kuroko: Kongo Mitsuko, Konori-senpai, what are you two doing here? And you, did you know that Tokiwadai students are supposed to wear the uniform even on days off?
Mitsuko: Today I'm not a Tokiwadai student. I'm a model with a large audience ever since I was a child.

Kuroko: By "audience", you mean the people at your household?

Lady in the foreground: Okay, pick a swimsuit you like, and, when you girls are ready, let me know.

Lady from earlier: This virtual-reality room is the most advanced in the academic city: you could actually feel what you see. It's currently not switched on though.


Now what?

Now this is the extreme opposite of what we had earlier.

Mikoto: Wow, what a nice view. Look, that's... the earth? Wait, we're on the moon surface?!

What is that large rectangular black thing over there?

Lady: Oh, sorry. There were technical problems with the machine. While it's being fixed, have a meal. The ingredients are over there.

Wow! Nice curry!

Touma: Biribiri, what are you doing?

I won't be applying the style used for Durarara!! here due to different interests towards anime. On top of that, this episode of Railgun is one of the most boring filter episode I've seen for quite a while. Even how I covered K-On! is different. I currently have no plans to do the BD/DVD-only episode 14, but it is possible in the future. Just that I would do it some time after everyone else has written their reviews of it.

Not sure about other anime, but this series has the longest (ビキニは目線が上下に分かれますけどワンピースは身体のラインが出ますから細い方しか似合わないんですよ; episode 13) and the shortest (声; episode 21) episode titles I've ever seen.