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Neverending New Beginnings: [Review] Un-Go

6 Jan 2012

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Haruka Takahashi

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[Review] Un-Go

UN-GO (アンゴ)

When I wrote the first impressions of the anime, I never though I would continue watching. It's one of those few good anime where you wouldn't be impressed if you had only watched the first few episodes, which is usually the opposite. This anime is about solving the mysteries of crimes. Of course, there's also the usual things that I'm disappointed that didn't appear.

This anime is quite good in developing storyline and developing suspense, though I don't exactly remember their names despite their name being shown in every episode.

The cases are something you don't quite expect to turn out, but there's always some kind of pattern and I've seen those where the suspense is built up, or something that appears minor that appears in earlier episodes turning out to be something major later on.

At least the main character has some brains instead of being a coward, dumb or perverted. Besides Chihaya Full and anime made up of only female characters (eg. K-On, Idolmaster, Kill Me Baby), I haven't seen any female characters being the protagonist (as in being focused at most of the time) in most anime these days. The closest is them tagging along with the male protagonist.