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Neverending New Beginnings: Autumn 2012 Anime: First impressions

14 Oct 2012

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Haruka Takahashi

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Autumn 2012 Anime: First impressions

Well, the reason for not covering this earlier is that I had to see what the anime was like and, based on past experience, I had wasted time writing on anime that I'm not even remotely interested and adding of time schedules and channels they aired on takes up a lot of my time that could be spent doing other things.

Excluding Sword Art Online (Summer 2012), there aren't any other anime I watched from earlier seasons that overlaps into this season, though I can see that at least 3 of the ones stated below would overlap into the following winter season. Too bad that there is no such luck for a second season of To Aru Kagaku no Railgun, or its main series, usually airs in Autumn.

There are no screenshots of anime mentioned here that I had dropped prior to writing this post.


This snapshot describes everything.
There is somewhat a love-hate thing with this one. Character design, animation, background details, music is nice, but the green-blue tint visible throughout the whole anime is too distracting for me. I'm not saying that the anime is bad, but it's just not my taste.

Other contributing factors that made me want to drop it:
  • Fighting scenes
  • Men with white/long hair
  • Girls in a Gothic lolita dress, and likely to be holding a doll and accompanied with an older man
  • Main character looks like a loser
  • The girl seen in this episode and the ending animation
  • Need to adjust the colour to black and white to not get the green-blue tint be distracting.
Status: Dropped at episode 2

Chuu Ni Byou Demo Koi Shitai! (中二病でも、恋したい!)
It's produced by Kyoto Animation. Nuff said.

Status: Watching

I heard that the world it is in is indirectly related to Steins;Gate (Spring 2011) that is set at a later time, so I'm kind of curious what this is like. Those numbers in the first scene (1.048596) tells us that it is the same divergence as at the beginning of the anime. Of course, I'm expecting nothing more than a minor reference in this anime.

Status: Watching

Shinsekai Yori (新世界より)
The first few minutes of the first episode attracted my attention, but it didn't take long afterwords that to realize that the rest of the episode, and the next, takes place in a different world where supernatural abilities are common that looked like pre-Meiji era japan.

Status: Dropped at episode 2

Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo (さくら荘のペットな彼女)
A high school boy stays at a school dorm known for having crazy people there. He's staying there only because he wants to keep cats, that his previous dorm. When a teacher tells him to pick someone up, things at the dormitory have gotten even more interesting.

Status: Watching only because I'm curious

Code Breaker
A girl saw a man fighting another group of men while in the bus. When she gets back to the scene, they disappeared without a trace that they were even there. She meets the man himself later on when she tries to save a dog from thugs who were attacking it which, in the process, she gets attacked.

Status: Watching to see what happens next, but visuals are... dated-looking from other anime I'm watching.

Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun (となりの怪物くん)
A girl who is obsessed with studying is sent to ask a classmate who sits next to her to say that his suspension has ended, but she feels empty inside when she finally came in first place. Out of the blue, he kisses her and she couldn't stop thinking of him since.

Status: Watching

Sukitteiinayo (好きっていいなよ。)
Traumatised of being blamed for causing the death of the class pet back in primary school, she prefers not to have friends that she only has two numbers on her phone: work, and home. However, she is forced to call a guy from school who has been trying to be friends with her when a stalker follows her and nobody at home answers it.

Status: Watching because it is, in some ways, similar to Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun mentioned above, but don't know much about it

Accel World (Spring 2012), Sword Art Online (Summer 2012), and now this. It's in an RPG-like world, except nobody remembers (at first) how they are suddenly at a remote island or have a green gem embedded in their left hand. It's unclear at this point if there are fixed main characters, or multiple different ones at this point.

Status: Watching - don't really know what's going on, but not enough to determine to drop it

Hayate no Gotoku: Can't take My Eyes Off You and To Love-ru: Darkness
I had watched previous seasons of these two before quite a while back, but I am unsure about watching these. It's hard to not watch or drop something I've watched the previous season of no matter how boring it may be.

For Hayate, I had watched the first season before (Spring 2007; 4-chors), but not the second season (Spring 2009; 2-chors). It's one of my first (non-children targeted) anime I had watched, but of course, anime back then weren't as interesting as this, but in the second season, the graphics seem to have went downhill from the previous season (which apparently is the same as in this third season). I mean, triangular-shaped mouths? Strong colours? I know the young rich girl is being targeted, but her attitude is so unbelievable. Also, around the same time the second season was being aired, anime like K-On was being aired at the same time. We all know how popular K-On turned out.

For To Love-ru, let's just say it's something you shouldn't watch with people around, and there's no real plot progress. Like what I said for Hayate, and with anime I wrote above that, my likelihood to continue watching these two is doubtful, and even more so since there are other better anime airing in this Autumn season.

Status: Watching, but unsure of continuing

(I know that the list on the right of this blog at time of writhing is outdated: Preparing images and updating them is a pain. Also, I'm editing the tags of earlier posts so that it would be easier to sort by year or season, rather than the name of the anime that are likely to not have a second season. Since I don't cover every single episode of each anime, that tag is somewhat wasted and taking up space in the tag cloud.)