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Neverending New Beginnings: O_O What happened to me?

5 Nov 2006

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Haruka Takahashi

O_O What happened to me?

I was studying O-Level Chemistry in my room which takes place on 7 Nov when my relatives came to my house (It is still the "Hari Raya Aidilfitri" (or "Eid ul-Adha") period which lasts for a month). I went to greet them and went back to studying. A short while later i went to the /a/ board of this site (images there are automatically deleted after 2-7 days) when I came across this. I read up to chapter 130 (crap, i should be studying) when everyone (including my family; except me) went to visit more of my relatives houses. After they left, I suddenly have the urge to masturbate / have sex. Maybe it's because of what I read earlier or maybe i am so stressed by the O-Levels tomorrow or maybe it's my changing hormones (not sure what but the ones I just mentioned are most likely). The next thing I knew is that i was wearing my sister's secondary school uniform (blouse and skirt) masturbating. I hope she doesn't find out as she hasn't worn it since she collected her O-Level results in early 2003 and I left her room and closet the way it was when they left. In fact, no one knows about it (except me and whoever reads this entry) so far. I guess it's normal for people of my age to do such things in private.

(that's picture is obviously not me. I got this picture from one of the image boards at 双葉ちゃん)


Best site i've come across for learning ニホンゴ.

I see having a religion as a waste of time and I plan to do the above (the uniform part) again at a later time. Sailor Seifuku.

(I recived Friendster and YouTube message notification of Windows Live Messenger as I typed this and yes, I did post this a while ago.)

(Nov 6 edit: replaced irreverent photo of a car manual in japanese. There seems to be a lot of irreverent things below the image I replaced. maybe it is because i type the above shortly after it happened)