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Neverending New Beginnings: what a waste of time

28 Nov 2006

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Haruka Takahashi

what a waste of time

Friend called me late in the morning.
He offered me to watch a movie in Bedok at a cinema behind McDonalds.
Went there on time but never showed up and found that the cinema was closed.
He then called me and followed his directions to meet him.
In the end, about 15 minutes later, he decided not to go.
Took the train from Bedok station to HarbourFront station.
Entered B2 of VivoCity from the station.
Rode up the escalator to 3F from B2.

There was a rooftop pool there with a view of Keppel Harbour and Sentosa
Took several pictures there.
Went to Orchard Road from there.
Walk around there aimlessly until I reached Books Kinokuniya inside Takashimaya shopping center before heading back.
Remembered that the underground link between Wistma Atria and Orchard station is closed due to construction works above it.
Waited 6 minutes for the train to come. (It is normally 3 minutes)
Transfered to East West Line from North South Line at City Hall.
Noticed a lot of foreigners on the train and all of them transfered to the line that brings them to Changi Airport at Tanah Merah Station.
Alighted at the next station and bought a drink. (Should have bought Coca-Cola instead of 100Plus)
Walked home from there.

(The Japanese Language translated version can be found here)

(LOL!!! I typed so many short sentenses. Also, this post will appear in my Japanese Language blog. I want to upload photos on flickR but i hardly take any in a month. In fact, I don't even have a decent camera. The next best thing is my 2 mega pixel camera phone and my sister's 2 mega pixel digital camera (which is obsolete by today's standards where 5/7 mega pixel is the standard). So I just upload them (along with anime images I put on my sites) on imageshack.)