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Neverending New Beginnings: Entry for April 09, 2007

12 Apr 2007

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Haruka Takahashi

Entry for April 09, 2007

(originally posted on my Yahoo! 360° blog and parts of it on Windows Live Spaces and the Japanese version)

I watched lucky star (らき☆すた) and found that the category of this anime is completely different from all the anime content as it is mostly conversation here were the questions asked:

Question 1:
If you can run so fast, why don’t you join an athletic club?
Answer: Because there weren’t any aliens, espers, or time travelers
Answer: Because I’ll miss the anime that’s on right after school, duh

Question 2: From where on a choco-crown do you start eating?
Answer: From the head

Question 3: Which side is the head? The narrow end or the fat end?
Answer 1: The narrow end. It’s like a shell
Answer 2: The fat end. It’s like a caterpillar …but that’s not too appetizing… *takes bite from narrow end*

Question 4: On a strawberry cake, when do you eat the strawberry on top?
Answer: Depending on the configuration of the cake, the timing can be different

Question 5: How do you eat the last bite of a popsicle? If you bite one side, the other will fall off!
Answer: What if you spin it?

Question 6: You’re only a second year! Why are you playing eroge’s and galge’s?
Answer: Heh

Question 7: I’m always running into things and getting my bag caught in the subway door, I wonder how I can correct that?
Answer: That’s not bad, that’s moe!
Question 7a: Moe?
Answer 7a: Dojiko-mode

Question 8: There’s an influenza outbreak, I wonder if I’ll get sick?
Answer: I’m stupid, so I can’t catch a cold =) (Japanese saying)
Question 8a: Ah, so you’re safe from colds, but how about influenza?
Answer 8a: …they’re not the same?

Question 9: By the way, how did you two become friends?
Answer: I saw her getting harassed by a big burly foreigner, so I went Ryu on his ass

Question 10: As a mega popular super-idol, how much money do you make?
Answer: …stfu

Here are the lyrics for the op (i tried following it but they sang too fast):

I My Something そりゃぷにってことかい、ちょっ
ら、ぐーんぐーんが制服 なぁふりってことない? うん
頑張っちゃ、やっちゃっちゃ、そんときゃ じゃリリース料
なんかたるー、なんかてるー、あいしてるー あれ一個が違ってる
むんむん むやみに暴行鉄棒おいしん棒 いいかげんにしなさい
ボンボン応援団 Let’s get cherry pie
らんらーん 関係感 you have センセーション
ハーイ 存在感 点々 小惑星 ぶつかって溶けました 呆然 大いに歌ってシリンダー
接近賛否それまでって躊躇だ やーん
頑張って 張り切って ま、ダーリンダーリンプリーズ

Here are the lyrics for the ED (the music sounds like someone singing from a karaoke room):
ダッダッダダダダ ダダ星の
宇宙強奪 ロボット軍
とべとべ 兄貴 スカイゼル
走れ 弟 グランゼル
ゴーゴー ジェット
ゴーゴー カー

In any case, as it falls in the same category as azumanga daioh, it may take a few episodes to get what is going on before i list it as a "to watch" or "to not watch" (see previous post to see what's already in the "to not watch" category.

(I like putting irreverent pictures for my entries)

12 April note: Corrected Japanese translation for "Anime I'm currently watching" at the Japanese blog and the bottom of the media box of all 3 of my friendster profiles. Also, the title has been changed
to "永遠の新しい始め" (literally translated as "Everlasting new beginnings").