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Neverending New Beginnings: Frendster profile update details (23 & 24 Mar)

25 Mar 2007

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Haruka Takahashi

Frendster profile update details (23 & 24 Mar)

23 Mar:
Went to log in into the email for the 2nd acc and saw 140 unread messages (1st acc had even more in the same period of time) and marked all of them as read. Went to Friendster and was automatically logged in as the 3rd acc. Decided that the background img i put up the day before was ugly and reverted back to the one before it which itself was uploaded less than a week ago. Then, I went to my Windows Live Spaces blog and created a post on new anime that would begin in summer 2007 and copied Japanese names from In that list, i saw an anime that would begin in July. Copied the image and used it as the friendster profile (though i saw and saved a full and higher res ver on 2chan the day before). Changes made to that profile were my school (I used the 汉字 names and treated it like 漢字 (i had no problems as both uses the same charaters) and converted that to ローマ字), some in the "About me", my gender and status (for fun) and post a shoutout saying that I would update the below.

24 Mar:
I was looking at the "About me" and "Who I want to meet" on my main Friendster profile ( and posted a shoutout on people whom i don't know adding to that account and realized that some of the things I typed there don't make sense and the links kind of blended in with the sentence as you can't tell that it is a link unless you hover over it, which is troublesome due to the amount of text. My other profiles already have links well organized. Now I have managed to do it (though i think the links on my other profiles have too much spacing between links) and saved the number of characters for each section by removing and rephrasing sentences.