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Neverending New Beginnings: Clannad: Tomoyo chapter (episode 24)

17 Jul 2008

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Haruka Takahashi

Clannad: Tomoyo chapter (episode 24)


7 June 2008:

This episode is an alternate world of CLANNAD, where Tomoya and Tomoyo are going out with each other. The setting is the voting day for the student council election, where president candidate Tomoyo is set out on protecting the school greenery. As with each morning, Tomoya is woken up by Tomoyo, where the usual opening sequence starts.

At school, the results of the vote is announced over the PA system, where Tomoyo has been officially named president elect. With her responsibilities ahead of her, Tomoyo can no longer find time to spend her lunch break with Tomoya and Sunohara in their classroom, although she continues to make their lunch box.
However, Tomoyo inadvertently abuses her new-found authority over the PA system, telling Tomoya not to wait for her, setting off a controversy. One of Tomoyo's immediate duties is to prepare for the School Festival, as she is bombarded with work over the course of several days, where she is unable to make time to meet Tomoya. She attempts a secret rendevous by masquerading in her bear outfit, but she is found by a second year student council officer, who later gets into a skirmish with Tomoya, demanding him to break up with Tomoyo, for the sake of keeping her credibility as a president.

One day, one of the school alumnus who agreed to cooperative on preserving the cherry trees, witnessed Tomoyo coming out of Tomoya's house on the morning of a school day, and notifies the student council. The faculty express dismay over such actions, and compounded with the two's history for misbehavior, pressure Tomoya into distancing himself from Tomoyo.

Tomoya decides to break up with Tomoyo, but she doesn't buy his story, saying she's fine with the situation. Tomoyo finally gives in to Tomoya's persuasion, where they break up and head their own ways. Tomoyo not only goes about executing her duties as president, she excels in her academics, placing fourth in the school, prompting talks of overseas study as an exchange student. She's even depicted showcasing her skills at an English speech contest.

The ending credits appear as both Tomoya and Tomoyo receive their diplomas during graduation convocation. Tomoya finds employment at a local company while Tomoyo seeks higher education at the big city. Time flies, where it is already winter. With Lia's "Ana" in the background, Tomoya and Tomoyo meet each other on a snowy day. Tomoya confesses that he's a nobody who's stuck in town for the rest of his life, and doesn't deserve someone like Tomoyo, who can be successful anywhere in the world. Tomoyo digresses, saying only that if Tomoya wants her to stay, she'll be more than happy to oblige. Tomoyo cries in Tomoya's arms, where the story comes to and end.