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Neverending New Beginnings: Clannad: After (Episode 1)

21 Aug 2008

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Clannad: After (Episode 1)

Was changing the "Meg Mell" theme was to change how it would look like? I thought the conclusion was to worry about it. New series based on their own staff to provide me with a lot. Opening Galgle style did not change.

The school chapter, appeared only for a while. (When will Ushiho make an appearence?) In this section, Tomoya walks in a Flower garden in someone else's dream scenes recollections from the past. It is Tomoya's baseball that he and Nagisa became lovers that starts being acknowledged by their family and friends. It is a life quality in autumn. Tsute of the academy relies on Nagisa to find baseball players.

Matome Nakere have a story to say there may be, but Restraints on the original Kurabe guys to really be simply meet members of amateur baseball. However, Fuko did not participate. Nobody was favored by the minute, after almost no chance of it.

The part where Sunohara sexually harasses Tomoyo has a nice combo attack (lol). Sandlot baseball game, were injured back in autumn to the beach or go to the mound, no good Toco, Sunohara or superbrain pitches, and calculates the course and hit a Kotomi, the sadness of Tomoyo and the various ingredients for me to pick up Enjoyed it, but, after starting with Yusuke, Yusuke has hit all go to the theater feeling. Last time, two-out bases-loaded at-bats are coming around to the shoulder injury for Tomoya in a small way, but Nagina acheived a full swing. As Tomoya tries to hit the ball, he saw a light from another world that depicted ball of light and shadow, signifying the future development in the air.

In the following episode Sunohara tries to find someone to marry (lol).


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