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Neverending New Beginnings: Durarara!! Episode 2 - Ikkyo Ichijitsu

23 Apr 2010

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Haruka Takahashi

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Durarara!! Episode 2 - Ikkyo Ichijitsu


Constantly Changing Phase and Being Highly Unpredictable

It's the first day at Mikado's High School. As the principal talks about how there are so many new students despite Japan's declining birth rate, Enri notices that one of the teachers was staring at her body, but looks away when she turns to look at him.

Mikado and Enri are posted to class 1-A, Masomi and Kamichika Rio, the girl who was kidnapped two days earlier, are both in 1-B. Back in 1-A, the teacher calls out for Harima Mika, but she's not around. Just at that moment, a guy called Yagiri Seiji walks in late just to say that he would not be coming to school as he has "more important things in life" to do.

The focus switches to Rio. Why is she there if she should have been kidnapped and died two days earlier? It all began during her middle school days when she found out that her father had been cheating on her mother. She ensured that her mother saw the envelope containing the evidence, but not letting her know it was from Rio. However, nothing seemed to have changed. She turned to an online friend called Nakura who claims to go through the same problems too. Nakura suggested that they die together in order to make their parents understand what they should have cherished.

Her meeting with someone called Nakura at the appointed location, which is on the same night as the previous episode. She knows that the person she met there wasn't Nakura, but followed the imposer anyway. Meanwhile, the real Nakura, Orihara Izaya, is watching them from a distance. Rio ends up in being kidnapped , but before she lost consciousness, she decided that this was destiny.

Meanwhile, Izaya pops out of the bushes to extinguish a lit cigarette that one of the kidnappers threw just before they sped away, and Celty was sent to rescue the girl.