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Neverending New Beginnings: K-On!! first impressions

24 Apr 2010

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Haruka Takahashi

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K-On!! first impressions

(note the extra examination mark in the title for the second season)

They actually paid more attention to the background characters more
K-On is now back again after last year's Spring 2009 season becoming popular that KyoAni was too focused on its sequel (and "The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya") that they indirectly lost the bid to do Angel Beats as they had previously done other "Key" visual novels (Air, Clannad). Well, to be fair, PA Works studio wasn't too bad either as they had done "True Tears" some time ago.

New opening theme: The cake is a lie
To remind you, this is a slice-of-life anime with no real storyline to follow. I've always express my dislike towards anime with no storyline (did I?) as those are usually more towards fan-service and/or quite boring to watch. Also, partly because of the transition from analog to digital transmission, TBS has apparently discontinued making cropped letterbox (4:3) versions around the fourth quarter of 2009 probably because the old analog transmission would be shut down in Japan on July 2011. It may seem not that far away, but that's only about 400 days.

Too bad this didn't last long.
Compared to the first season, it seems that this covered more perspective. However, Tsumugi's daily life from her point of view is not shown. Sure she does appear, but what about when she's not with the rest? How rich is she? The summer houses we see in season 1 are considered "one of the smallest" despite it appearing huge.

The latter part of this particular scene seem rather popular.
Also, we get to see the main characters interacting with the minor/side/background characters and vice versa, which seem rather lacking in most anime without making them an important character later on.

What's your focus on this image? Azusa, Jun, or one of the two classmates in the background?
As you might recall, the first season ended on an unknown part of winter of their second year as Christmas and New Year is not shown. (Well, there is, but that's a year earlier in the timeline.) So, logically, they would begin in their third year.

The girl on the far left appears to be the most popular background character in this debut scene. Well, she does appear in the OP, but this made her famous.
Much to everyone's delight, everyone got into the same class and Sawako was behind it. Realizing that Azusa might be alone when the four graduate, they began their search for new members, which failed.
Another infamous scene
When Sawako asks for the costumes borrowed from the drama club, Mio notices the personal items that got accumulated over time. While cleaning up (despite hesitation from Yui and Ritsu), they discovered an old electric guitar that Sawako receive from a friend of her dad. She doesn't need it, so she had them sell the the guitar and have the money from it for the club's funds.

Erm, before I spoil you with more description about episodes you might have not watched here's part of a class photo of 3-1.

Yui and the rest are in 3-2 by the way.