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Neverending New Beginnings: [Review] No.6

30 Sept 2011

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Haruka Takahashi

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[Review] No.6

I have mixed feelings for No.6. It has a good storyline and visuals, but certain elements with the design of supporting characters (Safu was okay), episodes that progressed very slowly, and the behavior of the main character, makes it difficult for me to recommend or re-watch it as I dread happening.

When I watched it, I was thinking that Safu would appear more frequently than Nezumi, but the opposite happened. Explanation of the other cities, except for a brief moment of No.5 where Safu did her overseas studies, were not even mentioned.

What I could see about No.6 is that it is being run by a fascist government that spreads propaganda, conducts experiments on it citizens, and killing those who did not follow, or come across some truth that the government does not want them to know. How those bees got into people, or how it made them age rapidly wasn't explained. In fact, a lot of things weren't explained and leaving me puzzled about things.

Also, is there a significance with the baby Shion saved in episode 9? I fail to see how, and it appearing near the end of the final episode seemed unnecessary.

I never noticed it until close to the last episode, but I didn't realize that there wasn't a very tall wall in the first episode, or the slum in the desert on the other side of it used to have beautiful houses and green hills.

Safu really said that.