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Neverending New Beginnings: [Review] Bunny Drops

1 Oct 2011

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Haruka Takahashi

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[Review] Bunny Drops

If you are looking for something family-orientated or heart-warming, you would find that Bunny Drops (うさぎドロップ) would be just the anime for you.

Bunny Drops centres around a single man, Daikichi, in his 30s. At his grandfather's funeral, he discovered that he had a child that is 6 years old. None of his other relatives are willing to take her in, so he took the initiative to do it.

As time passed, he realized how mature Rin is, but still has to juggle with work. It was difficult at first, but he found a way to get around it. Rin's friends, and staff of her school even thought that Daikichi is her father. Along the way, she made a new friend with Houki and grew up together.

If you had read the manga, you would notice that the anime ended at the chapter right before the time skip by ten years. I would say that it's a good point to end the anime as after that, it would be from Rin's point of view mostly, and I'm already too familiar with anime taking place in high school.

That's a lot of things to carry.