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Neverending New Beginnings: Un-Go ep 1-2 first impresstions

7 Nov 2011

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Haruka Takahashi

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Un-Go ep 1-2 first impresstions

This was what I thought when I saw certain points of the anime.

Episode 1

Burning car? What happened?

Huh? What's this?

Oh, the previous image is super zoomed from this, but why place it at the very start of the opening animation? It's long and making a viewer pause just to read this (which you can't while it is being aired) is bad. Also, the name of the anime comes from the given name of the main character.

His chin is quite sharp and angular. I wonder if you can cut things with it?

She may be the first character you see after the opening and appear in this episode the most, she's not the main character.

The man who could solve criminal mysteries, but he doesn't ever leave his chair. Father of the girl in the previous screenshot.

Yes, he's pratically glued to the chair. I never saw him get out of it. This is the only thing I remembered about this episode: the lazy smart guy who makes his daughter (and other people)  do everything for him.

Episode 2

Not this again.... and there's nothing right before this.

A new case: culprit is a cross-dresser.

While solving, the main character come across a girl who could sing well. Turns out that she's the victim's daughter of the case they were on.

There's a problem here: the episode and case has abruptly ended.