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Neverending New Beginnings: Possibly Dropped anime: C³, Kimi to Boku, Ben-To

17 Oct 2011

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Haruka Takahashi

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Possibly Dropped anime: C³, Kimi to Boku, Ben-To

Covering three different anime at the same time. That's something rare of me to do, but long time readers would remember that I would put up a longer list and a short summary of it, but that didn't allow me to write much.

C³ (Cube×Cursed×Curious)
So the father's protagonist sends to his son a mysterious parcel from overseas. Then a girl who seemed to lack common sense pops out of it like magic. Then the protagonist dares to leave her alone while she knows nothing about the world, resulting in having a house in a wreck.

I can't watch this anime: from the characters lack of intelligence, and character design. As for the opening and ending themes, you may like the song though.

Kimi to Boku (君と僕。)

I'm not sure why I dropped this. I watched it again and found nothing wrong with it. Maybe I'm just disturbed on seeing a guy with long hair...

I think I'll watch it again.

Ben-To (ベン・トー)
Another strange anime: it's about groups of people fighting over half-priced lunch boxes towards the end of the end of the day. There's even a club dedicated to this kind of thing.

Just looking at the opening alone, and the way girl's bodies are portrayed, it's obviously not the kind of anime for me. I rather watch Haganai (僕は友達が少ない) than this anime that doesn't even make sense.

Other anime

As of the time of writing, there are quite a number of anime on my watch list. Other anime I'm thinking of dropping, but not yet, are:

  • Mawaru Penguin Drum: It's starting to become a girl's love fantasy drama who is rudely awakened to reality than a pair of brothers doing whatever it takes to prevent her sister from dying from a strange illness. I was expeting Ringo Oginome (girl in a green and white sailor uniform)
  • Sakugan no Shana 3 -Finale-: I felt that the end of season 1 as an Autumn 2005 anime was the true end of it and my attention for it's future season, are just extensions of it. Also, as of the second episode, there's too much talk and little action. A deja vu of To Aru Majutsu no Index (season 1 & 2), which is also produced by the same animation studio.