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Neverending New Beginnings: Friendster's featured friends

23 Feb 2007

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Haruka Takahashi

Friendster's featured friends

(Note: The url name of all 3 of my blogspot blogs is the same as all 3 of my friendster profile)

If you were wondering on how I chose my featured friends, here's how:

asuna888 (main account; Sep 2006; ' Haruhi): Since this account is my main profile, I will only allow people I have met and know well, their friends and my other 2 accounts on the friend list. Due to the fact that the profile resembles my other 2 (anime themed, created (or copied and modified) layout using CSS, and using Female/Unisex Japanese names), the ones on the far left (no. 1 & 4; along with a message below the display image) are my other accounts. The rest are people whom I am the closest with.

the1iam & fnfd (Dec 2003 & Sep 2005; ' ' ' Konomi & ' ' ' Yukari): [The former being having more "friends"] This is purely based on the display image at 50x50. What I don't want in the display image (some may also apply to what anime images I select to download):

  • The same as the prevous round of selecting featured friends (unless i can't find better ones)
  • Males (unless they form less than half of the total number of people in it)
  • Fan art (unless it looks very nice, which is very rare)
  • Smoking tobacco
  • Naked and/or showing certain body parts (a girl with clothing on and wearing a skirt but with no panties may be accepted depending on the angle and explicitly)
  • Cheerleaders (i just don't like it)
  • Transgenders / Crossdressers (unless they bare no visual resemblance that they are/used to be males)
  • Masturbating / sex (even if the parts are not shown)
  • ugly art/people (very obvious)
  • any anime created before 2005 (unless it looks like those from 2005 onwards)
  • popular anime like Pokemon, Naruto, Inuyasha, One Piece and CardCaptor Sakura. (anime like Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu is an exception)
  • bunny girls
  • school swimsuit (mizugi) outside the school
  • Elf/devil ears (characters from the anime "Shuffle!" is an exception)
  • Background area is larger than the character in the image (display image only)
  • Gothic/loli clothing
  • dark skin
  • at the beach in beach outfit (i've seen too much of it)
  • people who are aged between 0-11 and 50 onwards unless they form a family
  • garbage
  • girls that try to be guys
  • glasses (megane)
  • black and white (but not grayscale)
  • not depicting a software/product (eg. OS-tan)
  • wedding dress (i've seen too many of those already)
What I am looking for (everything below need not be included):
  • School Uniform (seifuku)
  • cat ears (neko mimi)
  • Maid uniform
  • Girls (unless they form less than half of the total number of people in the picture)
  • Vector/High Resolution images
  • CG graphics (preferably larger than 800x600)
  • smiling
The things i don't mention above is either because I couldn't think of it at the time of typing, hard to express it in words or should be very obvious.


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