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Neverending New Beginnings: testing resolution and brightness

15 Feb 2007

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Haruka Takahashi

testing resolution and brightness

Since the EPSON STYLUS CX3700 device broke down due to my sister's sillyness which causes it to always jam the paper when it tries to print (and blames me for it for whatever reason when obiously she cauused the problem), I end up replacing it with HP Deskjet F370 (the paper loads from the front instead of the top as with all HP printers that i know of)

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As you can see there are differences although the one on the right can achieve like the one on the left by adjusting the brightness. You can tell by the fact that the hair on the left is blue while the one on the right is white/grey/silver.

Here, I compare the resolution of the same image. The one on the left is scanned on 4 January 2007 (Epson) while the one on the right is scanned on 15 February 2007 (HP). No modifications were made between the two dates. (Image resized to fit on the page)

Free Image Hosting at

I'm not sure what is the dpi (dots per inch) of the one on the left was but I know it is lesser than the 300dpi image on the right. (Note: I used the one on the left in the media box of my accounts at friendster. However, the one on the right will be used on my main account. You know why, when ppl see a nice image by someone, they will save it and put it up elsewhere. I know because I have done it before and have seen ppl put the above (left) on theirs. The drawing is actually a trace (by placing piece of paper on top of the LCD screen and trace from there) from a japanese website. Can't remember which one.)

The maximum the scanner can go is 1200dpi although scaning an A4 sized image in full colour at 600dpi produces a 6.71MB image (JPEG format). However, if you are just scanning something that is printed (eg. magazine, newspapers, software/game packagings), you are better off at 300dpi since you will be able to see those dots that form the colour of the image you see.

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