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Neverending New Beginnings: I am so speechless...

17 Feb 2007

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Haruka Takahashi

I am so speechless...

(all of the images in this post belongs to

I came across a link to this site while looking for lyrics of the 2nd ending of Code Geass.

Here is a picture from that page:


The furniture arrangement looks strangely familiar to my room only reversed (something like looking into a mirror) and it is black instead of that ugly green and the bed there appears to have been removed (where does he sleep? The floor?). The layout you see in here and here (both are taken in mid-November 2006; probably in the middle of the O-Level exams :P) has changed significantly and is much neater. (Although I have yet to clean that cabinet on the left in picture 3 and the area below the drawer). If I knew what to do with the stuff I don't want (besides obvious things like leaking batteries), it would have probably be cleaned much quicker.

Another screenshot:

._. Where the heck can he afford all those manga (japanese (language) comic books), posters, (region 2) DVDs, merchandise? Assuming that each regular manga book (there appears to be at least 250) costs 390円 each and assuming that the average of everything else is 1000円 each (posters cost less, figurines, games and DVDs costs more). Oh and assuming that mobile phone (Sharp/Vodaphone 903SH; found only in Japan) costs 20000円 So the total of the anime related things (and that keitai deiwa) would roughly cost: [(24x200)+(17x2000)+(3000x20)+(250x390)+20000]= 198300円! (actual total cost might be higher or lower as he might either actually go to japan or order online/from a shop outside japan that specializes in manga and anime merchandise (the former is cheaper and have larger variety avalable but the later is recomended and more convinient if you don't have time to go there or the total cost of shipping, services, transport etc. does not exceed the costs of a return airplane ticket.); Don't ask me, I'm not the one who buys all this nor do i know the exact costs of every single object)

If that figure is converted and rounded up it would be S$2600 or US$1700! (about 3-4 months of salary if you earn S$1300 a month assuming that part of that money is used for daily expenses) That guy said that he have an allowance of S$1000 a month. Too much for an allowance of a student in Junior Colledge if you ask me. Mine barely even reach $100 a month...

The post before the prevous one might apply to here.

Note: 円=¥=Yen=JPY