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Neverending New Beginnings: New scenes spotted in the Haruhi "reruns"

10 Apr 2009

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Haruka Takahashi

New scenes spotted in the Haruhi "reruns"

I ran the 2006 version and the recent version side-by-side and got alerted when I noticed that the recent one had extended scenes. However, there weren't any previews of the following episodes. I would like to show what I saw when the sponsors were displayed, but I didn't get it.

All images were taken in chronological order in the episode "The Depression of Haruhi Suzumiya I":

These 2 images happened shortly before the below, where Kyon tries to talking to Haruhi.

This 2 images are from scene added between Kyon, Taniguchi, and Kunieda, having lunch and them hanging out at the stairs.

These 3 images happened shortly they were discussing to Kyon on how he managed to talk to Haruhi longer than anyone else.

After Haruhi drags Kyon at the top of the stairs and before Kyon is first dragged into the club room.

After Kyon was dragged to the club room.

Kyon heading there after school, when Mikuru is introduced.

There are also rumors that there are 28 episodes with the possibility of new episode being inserted between the existing ones.

10 April edit:
I have manage to get the screencaps where the sponsors are shown. Just after the opening & ending or preview of next episode, there is this 10 sec space to show the sponsors.

In the 2006 broadcast, there were drawing of cats in each episode by Hirano Aya with the music of the op/ed in the background:

But in the recent 2009 version I saw these for the opening and ending with no background music:

There were no previews of the following episode, but that could be because of the time taken up by the new scenes. Not sure if there's any significance to this.


Unknown said...

ooh where did you watch it? btw I heard the rumor too regarding re-run with 28 episodes...

Haruka Takahashi said...

I saw it on TV Tama and Chiba TV. I believe the recent raws provided by Zero-Raws and TV-J on torrent sites would hhave this too.

BloomingDesire87 said...

Most of the Screencaps that you had taken in that episode are actually in the first series. In the DVD versions (the english releases), they show those scenes in there.

otou-san said...

At the very least, the scenes with Taniguchi and the newspaper are not new, they were on the DVD. Pretty sure the same goes for the rest as well.

Hugo K said...

Greatt blog post