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Neverending New Beginnings: K-ON! - Episode 2

7 May 2009

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Haruka Takahashi

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K-ON! - Episode 2

It's now the end of school. Nodoka offers Yui to head home together, but Yui has club activities. With flashback all the way from kindergarten with Nodoka, Yui says that she always lived a carefree life and that she has now in high school, she has finally joined a club.


In an introductory scene, Yui introduces everyone in the club:
  • Mio is tall, attractive, mature, and delicate. She picked the bass over the guitar because playing the guitar for her is embarrassing as it's like the core of the band with them playing at the front.
  • Tsumugi is gentle, fluffy, and cute. She has been playing the piano since she was 4 and won various competitions. She's the one who brought most of the equipment and food as her family is rich.
  • Ritsu is cheerful and energetic. She prefers the drums over other instruments as she doesn't like moving her fingers like crazy.
#2 楽器!

When Mio asked Yui if she had bought a guitar, she said that she doesn't have any and asks how much does one costs. They cost between ¥10000 to ¥300000, depending on the quality. Mio recommends ones in the ¥50000 range, Yui's 10 months' worth of pocket money. Yui get disappointed over it. As the club can't continue without Yui having a guitar, Ritsu decides that they look for one in the coming weekend.

At home, Yui checks how much she has in her piggy bank. With a small pile of coins, that is obviously nowhere near the amount she needs. She asked her sister, but she doesn't have that much either. Ui, however, helped to ask their mother for an advancement of Yui's allowance.

The day has arrived. As they head to the guitar shop, Yui got distracted and spent a lot of time with the others on activities diverted away from the original intention until Mio reminds her some time later.

When they reached the guitar section of the store, Yui is amazed on the large range of the guitars available. She immediately spots a guitar she's interested in, but it costs ¥250000. Ritsu points to the cheaper ones at the other side, but is not interested. Mio and Tsumugi commented that they themselves had spent a lot of time thinking and bargaining for their own instruments. Tsumugi seems to be unfamiliar on bargaining when Ritsu mentioned it. Ritsu then says that all of them are to get part-time jobs.


Later on, they look through and thought about the jobs. Mio has problems with jobs that involve interacting with people like distributing tissues, delivery or cashier due to fear. They then found "Traffic Examination" where they would only need to count the number of traffic going by.

On the day, before the start of work, Yui and Ritsu played with the counter until Ritsu's thumb became painful from pressing the button rapidly. They would work in pairs and rotate every hour while the other pair would rest inside the car. (I wonder whose car is that...)

During break, the mystery of why Tsumugi brings a lot of cakes and sweets is solved as her family receives them from other people and would pile up at home if she were to leave them there.

At the end of the following day, everyone gave their pay to Yui, which is still nowhere near the amount needed. However, Yui rejects it and says to buy a guitar that she could afford instead so that she could start practicing as soon as possible with them and asks them to come to the music store again.

Back at that store, they head to the guitar Yui could afford, but stops mid-way as Yui looks at the guitar she has been looking at a lot. Tsumugi heads to the guy at the counter to bargain on the discount for the guitar. He stared at Tsumugi blankly until he realized that she's the daughter of his company president based on the eyebrows. He then did some calculations and showed her the amount. Tsumugi then bargains for a lower price until the deal reaches ¥50000.

Yui got so excited over her new guitar that her sister complained on her being noisy and even sleep with it. She hasn't really made any practice as it's too shiny and glittery to touch it. Ritsu can't resist removing the plastic film from the guitar. Yui got sad until Tsumugi offered her sweets. Mio is shocked on how fast Yui recovered with just that.

For practice, the guitar is connected to the amplifier along with the appropriate adjustments. Yui strums the guitar and finds the sound cool. Ritsu dreams that the club would have a live performance at the Budokan before they graduate. The rest were shocked. Inspired, Yui plays for a bit, but stops short as that was all she could do at that moment. She then unplugs the the guitar from the amplifier without reducing the volume. Mio tries to warn her, but was too late.