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Neverending New Beginnings: To Aru Kagaku no Railgun 02

21 Oct 2009

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Haruka Takahashi

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To Aru Kagaku no Railgun 02

Mikoto appears to be running for some reason. Is she late, or is chasing someone else?

Why, it's our dear Touma from To Aru Majutsu no Index! Why is Mikoto chasing him anyway?

Touma uses the power of his right hand to block Mikoto's electric attack...

...which, except for the area behind where Touma was standing, is badly damaged.

Meanwhile, Kuruo prepares (excessively) for Mikoto's return to their dorm to "spend their time together"...

...until she saw these two tagging along.


Uihara and Ruiko are amazed at how princess-like the dorm room is with it's size and design.

While being amazed about the room, Saten finds a box of undergarments of pretty designs under the bed that belongs to Kuruko.

Hold on... what?

They then look through a (digital) photo album of Mikoto that contains her when she was young.

Kuruko gives all sorts of excuses for not showing hers, like being in the present.

ガーンー (x2)

Wait, how did you take these?

Kuruko was sad that she was ignored and cared about a week's anniversary of meeting Saten and Uiharu than to a month with Kuruko.

Mikoto argued back that it was Kuruko who barged into the room a month ago and not by fate. At that moment, the deliveryman turned up. How can a company with the name "Love and Chinese Traditional Hyper-sexual Love Potions, Co." name make PC parts?

Opps. She poped.

Unfortunately for them, the dorm supervisor happens to be there. The punishment for using their abilities in the dorm (and maybe breaking that door too) is... clean this large pool the following day.

Despite being there since morning, it's already past noon and they are only one-third done.

Kuruko: "You need to be hydrated when working under the sun. Would you like to try my special drink?"
Mikoto: "I don't need it."
Kuruko: "Why not?"

You didn't pour those "PC Parts" from yesterday in it by any chance, didn't you?

(How did you know?)

Oh? Kuruko's classmates?

(stares at their breasts and compares to her own) They're younger than me... (T_T)

Maaya: "You need to be hydrated when working under the sun. I have a sports drink. Would you like some?"
Mikoto: "Thanks! I'll take it."
Kuruko: "ガーンー! (x3)"

Kuruko: "ガーンー! (x5)"

Uiharu: "I wonder if she already gave it to her?"
Saten: "She should have. After all we did went shopping yesterday."
Uiharu: "I want to see how Shirai-san reacts."
Saten: "I didn't know she like stuff like that."

Forgive me for my actions yesterday. Here's a present to make up for it and our 1-month anniversary of being together.

And be close partners. Cheers.

Hold on. Why am I suddenly blushing, feeling so hot, and breathing heavily, oneesama?


Oneesama, I took out your swimsuit in case you get wet.


Ha ha ha! My teleportation abilities makes locks useless! Now oneesama, please put them on.

Hey, what are you...

Huh? I'm suddenly wearing a swimsuit?! KURUKO YOU PERVERT!!!

Looks like they are having fun.

Oneesama's love beating. So wonderful!

O.....M.....G..... Let's pretend we didn't see that.