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Neverending New Beginnings: To Aru Kagaku no Railgun 04

30 Oct 2009

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Haruka Takahashi

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To Aru Kagaku no Railgun 04

This is a real story of my senpai's boyfriend: He was walking through a park on a hot summer's day when he came across a pale-looking woman. The woman asked him how to get to the (train) station. As he gave her directions, the woman raised her hand and, in a flash...


...took her blouse off.

Hey! That's not scary at all!

Saten: Who would believe these legends anyway? They are just for the thrills. Like a guy who has the ability to block other abilities from working on him, Or crossing the street at 4:44pm would cause an extra district to appear.

"An ability that prevents other abilities from working"?

I'm so bored that I'm reading all the magazines here.

"Real Academy City Urban Legends" What's that?

...There's nothing interesting in here.

Bah, let's go elsewhere.

Why doesn't my electrical attacks work on that guy? Could he be in the urban legend?

There's no way he is!

Hey! That's the guy I was thinking about!
(People are saying that, in the manga, this is where she first met Touma.)

Touma: Oh! It's the Biribiri middle-schooler!
Mikoto: It's not Biribiri! I'm Misaka Mikoto! Let's put an end to this!
Touma: So that means you are free?
Misaka: Why of course!

Will you help me to help where this lady had parked her car? I have things to do.

It's not a matter of whether it's fine or not. I won't let you off with some random excuse again, just like every time we meet. Really, you...

It's so hot...

Hey, what are you... doing?

Woman: I've been walking around a lot, so I'm sweaty.
Misaka: Hey! Who's this woman?!
Touma: I just met her a while ago! Anyways, just put on your blouse, please!

Girl A: Oh no! That guy is attacking that woman!
Girl B: Did he force her to take her clothes off? That must be it! You have the wrong idea....


Misaka: Hey! Where do you think...
Woman: Excuse me, I would be in trouble if you bring my shirt away.

What's is with her? Taking her clothes off in public...

An urban legend of a woman who suddenly undresses: The Undressing Woman!

There's no way she is that.

Mikoto: Hello?
Kuruko: We are heading out for some tea. Would you like to join us?
Mikoto: Erm, I'm with some strange woman right now who undresses out of the blue...

Ruiko:Oh! That must be the "Undressing Woman" uban legend!
Kazari: Are you okay Misaka-san?
Kuruko: Hey! Stop it you two! Oh! Mail her photo to me!
Mikoto: Look, she may be awkward, but she is a normal per-

Woman: Are you talking about me being weird?
Mikoto (hangs up phone): N-no. Why would I say that about someone who just met?

"The number you have dialed is unavailable."

Huh? Why hot Soup Curry of all drinks?

Boy: Sorry. I spilled the ice-cream on you.
Woman: Oh, don't worry. I can clean it off easily.

HEY! What are you doing out in the public?!

Kuruko: I still can't contact onee-sama...
Kazari: I have found a site with lots of info on the "Undressing Woman".
Ruiko: Oh? Let me see!

Ruiko: WHAT?
Kazari: What's wrong?
Ruiko: Shirai-san, the people who have met the Undressing Woman made a final scream before being unresponsive.

Onee-sama is the strongest, invincible electric shock of Tokiwadai. There's no way she could be simply be defeated by some "Undressing Woman".

No, there's something even scarier than that: people who have came in contact with the "Undressing Woman" would become "Undressing Woman" themselves because of the curse!

NOO!!! ONEE-SAMA!!! (bangs head on the table)

Woman: Thanks for all the trouble you did for me. Oh, and thank that guy too.
Mikoto: "Him"?
Woman: He's your acquaintance, isn't he? He's a good guy.

Mikoto: Well, that, or he isn't serious, or does things that annoy me. It's like he's-
Woman: Looks like you're having fun. You like him?

Mikoto: What are you...
Woman: They do say that they treat the one they love coldly. What was it called again? Tsun... Tsundara? Tsunjire?


Good! I've finally got rid of this woman, only to...

...come across this annoying guy again.

I waited in line for two hours for a special sale that is a life or death for poor students. A Tokiwadai princess wouldn't understand this.

Hey, I have my own problems too! That woman starting taking off her dirty skirt and I have to clean it because I had no choice! So in the end, tsunde...

Touma: "Tsun"?
Mikoto: Anyways, fight me!

Let's fight here so we don't create damages.

Heck, since I know my electrical attacks don't work on him, let's try using the ground to make this sword.

Hey! Stop doging my attacks! I got to distract him somehow.

What? It turned back to the original form from the moment it made contact with him?

Haha! Caught you by surprise! I'm going to electrocute you directly with...

Huh?! Nothing's happening? What is he?

Oh? I'll show my fist at you and...

...pretend to lose.


Hey! Fight me properly!

I'm back...

Oh? Kuruko's not here?

Mikoto: I'm so tired...
Kuruko: Onee-sama...

Kuruko? Where are you...

You suddenly took of your clothes. That means you have been cursed by the "Undressing Woman"! Now, please put this underwear on your head too! Onee-sama!

Hey? What's gotten into you?

It's the only way to remove the curse! Begone, "Undressing Woman"!

So she's the rumored Level 5. What an interesting girl.