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Neverending New Beginnings: To Aru Kagaku no Railgun 03

25 Oct 2009

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Haruka Takahashi

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To Aru Kagaku no Railgun 03

It feels like someone's following me, but I don't see anything.

What?! I am stunned? How can that be? I could have sworn I didn't see anyone behind me just a short while ago.

I was forced to fall asleep here in this position. And wow, I didn't know I was lying perpendicular to the road.

Got you!

Heavy rain and happy music don't go well together.

Stopping: Passengers who are alighting, please press this button.

Where is the traffic light? If there isn't why is the bus not stopping?

How did you... Oh no! My bag was open!

Oh! The weather prediction system is exact as usual.

I know this isn't the train station, but it really looks like one.

Nice place

Nice fountain

I somehow feel we are out of place here...

How to lose balance and get wet: just run over any puddle.

Em, yes. That's what I meant.

This clothes I'm wearing while it dries fits me nicely, but the skirt is too short and airy.

I find this place being schoolgirl-only area rather odd. I mean, aren't there any staff around besides the guard lady at the entrance earlier?

Like this shop. It looks like they are the only ones there with no shopkeeper around.

Oh great. There's trouble.

Anyways, I need to head to the toilet first.

Hold on, how did that door open by itself?

What is with this sudden pain and inability to move myself?

Shortly before I lost consciousness, I thought I saw a ghost in the mirror.

Saten-san! What happened to you?

I was wondering why everyone is laughing from when I came about until...


Found you! You little brat.

What? She vanished right in front of my eyes!

She was diverted to all corners by the others until she reaches the last boss: Misaka Mikoto.


Erm, what are you doing?

Sorry, but this is game over for you.