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Neverending New Beginnings: K-ON! - Episode 11

15 Jun 2009

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Haruka Takahashi

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K-ON! - Episode 11

With the school festival soon approaching, Azusa did not expect a crisis to strike the light music club.

Azusa was excited about being able to perform at the upcoming festival. She want to see the club performing last ear, but Mio was reminded about the time she tripped on stage. Ritsu wants to say more, but Mio shuts her up. But Sawako has it recorded on a disk and ordered Yui and Ritsu to bring Mio away so that she won't interfere while the video is loaded on a laptop and jumps to the scene Mio was so hyped up about. Azusa can't unsee what she saw.


#11 ピンチ!

Everyone (except Sawako and Mio) is now watching back the footage from their performance at last year's performance (episode 6). Azusa comments on how well they perform during their performance

Nodoka comes in with the form for using the auditorium, which they had not handed in yet. Azusa fills it in, but upon the "Title" section, Ritsu asks to use the band name, except they don't have any. Since they have problems coming up with one and are taking so long, Nodoka makes her leave. Before she does, she asked her to head out later. While they think of a name, they would practice. Yui raises the point that her guitar hasn't been sounding good lately and had Azusa take a look at it.

To her horror, the strings are already rusting and wonders when they were last changed on top of other problems. Yui doesn't know that they were supposed to be changed, so she hasn't really been taking care of it properly. Sawako (who was shocked on being asked) suggests bringing it to the store.

They reach the store (same as episode 2) when Mio decides to head somewhere: she feels bad entering the store filled with right-handed instruments since she plays with her left hand. Fortunately, there is a "Lefty Fair" in the store. Left-handed instruments are quite few. While Mio enjoys her "heaven", Azusa and Yui heads on to have Yui's guitar serviced. He takes a look at the guitar and is shock at the state it's in and wonders if it's a vintage guitar. While he does some maintenance on it, Yui comments on how he's stripping naked her guitar. Azusa doesn't understand what she meant or why Yui picked a heavy guitar with a thick neck. Her reply was because it's "cute".

While they rejoin Tsumugi and Ritsu, staff of the store (one of them is the same as in episode 2) greets her, gathered around and had a conversation with her. Ritsu explains to Azusa that the instrumental store belongs to Tsumugi's family. Mio is still looking at left-handed instruments. Yui's guitar is now done and it's all shiny again. Yui got so happy hat she hugged it and thanked him. That staff add on to say that the maintenance fee is 5000 yen (US$50), but Yui doesn't have money and panics. Tsumugi comes into the scene and wonders what the commotion is about. She herself doesn't have enough money. On one of the staff hearing her say that, he said that it's free. Tsumugi feels bad about it, but he said stuff like about how her father takes care of the store.

They were about to head back. Mio is still not with with them, so Ritsu calls her out. Mio replies with a straight no. Adding that everyone is waiting, she still gives the same reply. Ritsu pulls her by the instrument case on her back, but she resists strongly until she falls down. Mio is now angry and calls Ritsu an idiot.

Outside, Ritsu decides that everyone to have tea. Yui, however, has promised Nodoka to meet up with her. Mio asks if she could tag along with Yui as she is in the same class (or maybe Mio just wants to get away from Ritsu).


At a tea shop with unique furniture, Nodoka wonders how she does in the club. Mio says that when she learns something, she forget another. Nodoka seem to already know this and adds on that when she does try hard, she can be amazing and a bit troublesome.

The scene switches a little to the left of Nodoka's view to reveal that Ritsu, Azusa, and Tsumugi had followed them in and covered their faces (except the eyes) with the store's menu at a table. Ritsu is jealous that they are getting along well and decides to butt in. Mio is not happy about it.

At a certain day during lunch in Mio's class, she says to Nodoka about how nice her lunch box is and that she made it herself. Ritsu pops by in the classroom to practice for the festival.

Mio is now at the club room. Ritsu talks about what happened last year and wonders what she would do this year. She continues on to annoy her and possibly went too far. The others are worried and stopped when Azusa puts on the cat ears.

While practicing, they noticed something is missing: the drums are not rushed as usual and could barely be heard. Mio asked what wrong, but she just says that she's tired and just walks out and says that she would come after school or the following day. They worried about what would happen next.

Mio drops by 2-2 the following morning, but Ritsu is absent from school: she's having a fever. So Mio drops by to say how lonely it is without her playing the drums or that her usual style of playing the drums is what makes the band lively and that no one was angry at her. Mio wants to head home, but wants to be with her until she falls asleep. Later in the evening, everyone else drops by, when she's already asleep. Yui sleeps with her too.

Yui soon recovers and motivates everyone for the festival. The auditorium usage form is still not handed in yet. Since Ritsu, being the club leader, was stick, the council decides to extend the deadline to the following day. (When was the original dateline? Seems that it had already passed.) They still have problems deciding to the point that Sawako steps in (as she can't have tea peacefully) and writes the name without saying what it was before she did.

The name of the band is now 放課後ティータイム (Afterschool Teatime). Yui seems to have received Ritsu's illness.

(Note: I sense tense atmosphere thought most of this episode.)