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Neverending New Beginnings: K-ON! - Episode 12

20 Jun 2009

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Haruka Takahashi

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K-ON! - Episode 12

Yui has yet to recover from her illness and is resting at home while Ui takes care of her. (She's having a dream about Tsumugi's eyebrows...) Ui takes care of her so much that she herself risks being late for school.


In Ui's class, she talks to Azusa that she's still too ill to probably come to school the following day. The problem is that the school festival is just 4 days away. Ritsu suddenly barges the door at that moment. Mio hits her for scaring their juniors.

最終回 軽音!

Mio listens to what Ui said about Yui's condition. As to how she got it, it ranges from catching Ritsu's flu (episode 11), or some days ago when they were trying out various costumes for their upcoming performance. (Ritsu don't seem to have the flu at that time.) Yui liked the yukata so much that she wore it the whole day. On the possibility that Yui might not recover by then, Mio asks Azusa to practice for the lead guitar.

That evening, Ui reaches home to see Yui holding the guitar with used tissues next to her while still lying on the bed and uttering random words to describe delicious food. Ui is worried for her.

The following day, the club practices as Mio teaches Azusa. Yui drops by the clubroom with the implication that she did not go for classes earlier and they practiced together. Everyone felt that something was different: Yui played the guitar with the rhythm being too accurate. Upon Yui addressing Azusa, Ritsu and Tsumugi as "Azusa-chan","Ritsu-san", and "Tsumugi-san" instead of the usual "Azu-nyan", "Ricchan", and "Mugi-chan" respectively. It turns out that this Yui is actually her younger sister. Sawako is not fooled by this as Ui's breasts are larger than Yui's. (Come to think of it, Ui is wearing red indoor shoes instead of blue.) She tries to deny it, but it's quite obvious from the voice now.

Ui changes back (with the blue ribbon and pantyhose still on) to her usual self. They commented on how much she really looks like Yui to the point that everyone didn't notice it at first. At that point, the real Yui drops by but is not really recovered. (She's holding a box of tissues) Yui is happy to see her guitar there, runs to it, but collapses due to the weight of it and her being weak.

Yui lies down on the couch with her fever still up with Tsumugi taking care of her. Yui knows that she's still too sick to play and counts on Azusa to take over her role. Azusa doesn't want to, as not having everyone there is as good as not performing at all and starts running out, crying. Mio stops her and advices Yui to not come to the club until the performance to let her rest.


It's 12:30 of the day of the festival, half an hour before they are scheduled to perform. Yui has not yet appeared, but had messaged Tsumugi that she would make it on time. Azusa still doesn't want to practice without Yui around. Nodoka enters to tell them that the performance would be delayed by 10 minutes, but to head there as planned.

(With the sound of Yui's castanet in the background,) Nodoka recalls their time back in kindergarten where she would gather a lot of small lobsters and dumping a whole load of them into Nodoka's bathtub. She didn't know about it at first, but she did see Yui running back and forth several times. She was shocked to see those lobsters. The present Mio shivers in fear. The point of her telling this is that once Yui has her heart on something, she would go all the way. Nodoka believes that Yui had forgotten about having a cold.At that point, Sawako brings in Yui with the Yukata on and apologizes for making Azusa worried.

Yui wonders where her guitar was as she though she had left it in the club room. Turns out that Ui had brought it home and place it in Yui's room, but is too sick to notice that she did back then. Yui worries about what to do. Sawako offers her guitar, but Yui can't play on guitars besides her own, so she rushes back home to grab it.

Everyone is excited about the performance with the light music club about to perform. Everyone is in their yukatas and in Yui's place, Sawako takes over. Meanwhile, Yui grabs the guitar at home and rushes back out. As she rushes back to school, she remembers running like this back on the day of the opening ceremony (episode 1) and telling herself that she had to do something, but doesn't know what that would be and worried about growing up without doing anything.

劇中歌①:「ふでペン ~ボールペン~」

Yui made it back just as they were done with the first song. The audience were heard cheering. Yui climbs onto the stage and thanks Sawako for taking over her. She reintroduces the club to the audience also apologizes to them for being late as she had forgotten her guitar. She explained that the club has a goal to perform at the Budokan and worked hard together to buy a guitar, drink tea everyday, have training camps. She add on to say that the stage they are on is their Budokan. Yui starts off the next song.

(Yui's singing this time)

At the end of the song, Tsumugi suddenly continues playing on the song with the rest following suit. Yui then continues singing from the chorus and exclaims to everyone that she likes music.

They ran out of time just as Yui wants to sing more.

(The end)


Note: Sad to see them go at this point, but there is a winter special next week. Credits seems to mention that Tsumugi was the one who composed the music. The animation during the performance (except Yui's running) looks weird...