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Neverending New Beginnings: K-ON! - Episode 10

6 Jun 2009

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Haruka Takahashi

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K-ON! - Episode 10

The summer holidays has arrived. Ui is waiting for Azusa at a spot near the train station. Inside a fast food restaurant, they discuss about the light music club having an upcoming training camp. Ui said that her sister (Yui) enjoyed the camp. Ui wasn't really sure if she actually practiced, because she saw her packing her swimming attire before that trip.


#10 また合宿!

Ui asked Azusa what her sister is like in the club. She said the things she doesn't like about her, but Ui misinterpreted that. Ui said that Yui is now lazing around at home as she doesn't like the heat or the air conditioning. Azusa can already imagine her to be lazy, but she prefers to have Mio as an older sister. Azusa, however, finds Ritsu to be irresponsible and sketchy, but the person in question is directly behind her, which shocked Azusa.

Ritsu said saw the both of them entering, and joins them. Azusa then wonders that her having her own tea set and a summer house would make her to be from some rich family. Ritsu isn't sure, so she decides to call her up to hang out there. Mio doesn't seem to answer her mobile phone, so she calls her house. Someone did answer it and Azusa decides to overhear it. Ritsu asks if he is her father, but instead, says to be the family butler. That shocked the both of them. Still shocked, she asked him if Tsumugi is available. Turns out that she is with the family at a summer resort in Finland.

When they got out, Ui invites Ritsu to her house. At the Hirasawa household, Ui calls around for her sister and that Azusa and Ritsu are there. Yui appears to be in the same state as what Azusa imagined her to be earlier.

At the staff office in school, Yui and Ritsu invites Sawako to the training camp, but gave the look of not wanting to go. So the two girls decides to leave. Upon Sawako hearing Yui saying something about looking forward to barbecue and swimming pool as they left, she regrets her decision.

On that day, they were shock as to the size of the house being larger than the year before (episode 4), but Tsumugi reveals that she still has an even larger house.

In a 3-2 vote (with Tsumugi being the tiebreaker), they decide to play first before practicing. Azusa wonders what Tsumugi's idea of fun would be: she imagines Ritsu and Yui at the front of a boat while the other two are lying in deck chairs at the back. She thought that it would not be possible, but she did saw a boat and the deck chairs, with the latter being on the beach instead and came along with a large umbrela and a bowl of fruits. Azusa and Mio overhears Tsumugi behind them on the phone about not wanting those though.

Azusa got suntanned at the end of the day.


They opened the door (sounded like that of a spaceship) to see a large room, large amplifiers, and a new set of drums. At the end of practice, Ritsu and Tsumugi got hungry and can't practice more.

They had fun preparing the food and barbecuing and played with fire sparklers when it's dark and soon head into the dark forest for the test of courage.

In there, Mio pairs up with Azusa. Along the way, something came from behind them and becomes all scared. It turns out to be Sawako who happens to be lost and wanted to give everyone a surprise. Ritsu wonders why no one came to where she is.

At night, where everyone was sleeping, Azusa was heading off to somewhere. She saw one of the rooms having the room lights on and saw Yui practicing her guitar. Azusa joins to help her. Yui hugs her when she finally manages to play those notes.
Still in the hot summer holidays after the camp, Ui meets up with Azusa again at the same spot but doesn't recognize her with her tanned dark skin.
Sitting at the same spot, they talked about how the camp went. They only practiced a little and wished that they had more intensive training instead.