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Neverending New Beginnings: K-ON! - Episode 13 (Final)

28 Jun 2009

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Haruka Takahashi

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K-ON! - Episode 13 (Final)

It's nighttime at Mio's house with her bedroom windows appear to be covered by something. She's working on writing with the lyrics. It seems that the cold winter has arrived.

On a morning, Tsumugi rides the 1-car train at a deserted station terminus.
Ritsu walks along sidewalk, but stops for a while to look at 2 girls from the same school who walked past her before continuing on. She turns around to see another pair of girls together and walks again.
Azusa walks across a bridge and finds a white cat, but when she tries to pat it, the cat hisses. So she walks away.
The Hirasawa sisters are walking together on the way to school too.


Everyone is in the clubroom table having tea, but not talking with each other. Yui walks in and joins them, complaining about the cold. Yui suddenly placed her cold hands on Ritsu's cheeks. As payback, Ritsu does the same thing to Yui.

番外編 冬の日!

The cold makes it hard for Yui to play the guitar. She tries to play it with the gloves on, but the pick keeps slipping off. When she does manage to get a hold of it, it keeps getting stuck by the strings. Ritsu says that that is obvious and asks Ritsu if she agrees, but is staring blankly. Yui then asks everyone to have hotpot at her house on Sunday, but sighs filled the room: Tsumugi has something to do, Ritsu had promised her younger brother to see a movie, Azusa has to stay at home. By this point, Yui is already disappointed. She asks Mio too, but she can't too as she's writing a new song and blames Yui and Ritsu for distracting her and shows her a notebook full of scribbles as proof. There was a slight pause before those two apologized to her. In the end, Yui would have it with just Ui (and Gitah).

While everyone walks home, Tsumugi suddenly calls out that she has to leave and runs towards the fast food restaurant (the very same restaurant featured in most K-On episodes), leaving everyone puzzled as to what she was up to, like meeting up with a boyfriend. Ritsu feels uncomfortable when the word "boyfriend" is mentioned. At that point, Ritsu & Mio and Yui & Azusa go their seperate ways. Not long later, Azusa says that she has some shopping for "some toys" to do near the station before heading home, but doesn't want Yui to come along and excuses herself from there.

Meanwhile, Mio asks Ritsu about something, but Ritsu suddenly stops and turns around. Mio wonders if there is something wrong.

Yui walks out of the convince store with hot meat buns in her hands.

Morning has arrived. A girl is seen opening the sliding door with her legs while she shivers in the cold. She walks out of the door and takes the newspaper from the mailbox. She looked at the mailbox closely, but finds nothing else in there. She looks around for something before walking back in and closing the door.

At Azusa's house, she took out something she bought earlier. The gray cat in the scene belongs to her classmate (who is seen mostly with Ui in school) whose grandmother was supposed to take care of, but caught a cold. It's still a kitten, so she's afraid to leave it by itself. However, Azusa has never raised a cat before. She takes it in anyway as there was no one else who would do it.

Tsumugi is in her work uniform and punches in her card. Mio is on a train, bringing her notebook along. Yui has only just began to wake up.

Ritsu lies on the bed, reading a sheet of paper that sounded like a poem. On the line "But I want to see how you look with your bangs down" made her deep in thought. She removes her headband (that unknown girl from earlier was her), added some hair cream, and looks into the mirror: she looks weird. Her younger brother called if she was ready go head out. Ritsu puts her headband back, grabs a coat, and heads out of the room. She enters back a short while later to take her mobile phone.

Azusa is sitting on the couch with the cat curled up while taking a nap. The cat meowed as she patted it, With that, she names it "Azu-nyan #2".

At the restaurant, Tsumugi is serving a customer, with a Trainee tag on, repeating their order. A colleague reminded her to smile.

Mio walks along the cold rocky beach with a canned drink, finding a nice spot to sit on to come up with a good song. The place has dark clouds, strong wind, and strong sea waves.

At the dairy section of the supermarket with Yui, Ui is disappointed that nobody is coming. Yui came up with the idea of creating a new style of hotpot that would be used when everyone comes. She suggests marshmallow soy milk hotpot and chocolate curry hotpot, but Ui doesn't think that it would work. Yui argues back by saying that they might be tasty. On that, Ui suggests strawberry milk.


At the beach, the cold and the strong winds made it hard for Mio to come up with anything and wished that she should have just went to Yui's house for hotpot, but everyone else had something to do and wonders what they are up to.

Ritsu and her younger brother has left from the movie theater. All of a sudden, she touches his cheeks and finds them worm. The brother (named Tainaka) is horrified by this but is saved by a friend who is on the way to Suzuki's house (Wonder who's that? Ui's friend?) and joins him. After Ritsu's younger brother left, she looks at the reflection of herself in the glass window.

At Tsumugi's workplace, she placed a cup of cola on the tray, but the customer ordered coffee instead. At that she takes the drink away, but bumps into her colegue and spilling the drink onto her. Although the latter apoligized, Tsumugi panicked and deeply applogized repeately.

Azusa woke up from her nap and finds out that the kitten is unwell and is chocking out something.

Back to Ritsu, she is reminded with the mysterious piece of paper placed in the mailbox and belives that it's a love letter. It was at that moment that everyone received a message from Yui asking if they would rather have a marshmallow soy milk hotpot or a chocolate curry hotpot. Everyone is puzzled as to what the message meant.

The Hirazawa sisters are now at the vegatables section. Yui wonders why nobody is replying, before she receives a call from Azusa. Azusa said not to send weird messages at "times like this". Yui did not understand what she meant by that. Azusa explained that the cat a friend had she had been entrusted with is not feeling well and there is no one else at home. She's at a loss at what to do.

The Hirazawa sisters are now at Azusa's house with the cat sleeping. Azusa didn't know that cats coughed up hairballs. Yui then feeds Azusa with a marshmallow and says that it's better to have it as it is. She checks her phone to find that everyone has repiled to her.

Everyone is now gathered at the restaurant where Tsumugi works at. Jun, who gave Azusa the cat, has now collected it back. Mio did not come up with anything to write. Yui is amazed at how they could do things by themselves and leaving Yui behind to become adults. At that, Mio asks Ritsu about the lyrics she had handwritten and left it in her mailbox. Ritsu was shocked when she said that: all the while she thought that it was a love letter from a mysterious sender. She feels uneasy on the thought of having a same-sex relationship before strangling and said not to do things the old-fashioned way. In defense, Mio said that she had informed in advance, but Ritsu continues on.

At the clubroom, everyone wonders why Tsumugi is playing the keyboard as usual while everyone else is having difficulity playing theirs. Yui touches them and finds them warm. Ritsu and Mio joins in. Tsumugi has a high body tempreature.

Everyone is having a nice warm cup of tea and some cakes. She would be working at that restaurant until the end of the year (How long is that? 1 month? 11 months? Has Christmas and New Year's alerady passed?). Yui then wonders if it's expensive to rent the Budokan, as they can't do a live performance if they don't. Tsumugi comments that it's good to have big dreams. As they are not professionals yet, they could do with some practice.


[insert "大正野球娘。" episode 1 trailer here instead of the usual "Next Time" trailer here]

The whole series in 7min 17min (basically, a collection of the 36sec summaries up to episode 12)

Overall review of the series: "K-On!" is a great series to watch as a whole and meets almost all of the requirements that would have me to look forward to it and watch it to the end. It has nice character design and a great storyline to go with it. No offense, but most of the other anime I had watch either have great storyline, but questionable character design, or very moe (萌え) characters, but horrible storyline. It's strange how I can write a lot based on how little there is in this special. I started writing this on Friday, but the Spring 2009 anime review and the news of MJ's death delayed it further.

I was thinking of doing Haruhi too, but I already had trouble doing this already, and multiplying what I had done for "K-On!" by 2 and add another 2 episode is torturing if not willing to do it. You might have probably have seen some kind of pattern on the way I wrote. If I start now, I would have 13 episodes' worth to catch up with. However, the time spent doing this could be better spent doing other things like my stories on my main blog, which I have not put up anything (not even in draft) for quite a while. On top of that, I have to head off to somewhere from July onwards, with more details on my main blog. Since I'm writing this like out of leisure, it has been great. Due to me being away, I probably won't be able to watch from 10th July onwards and maybe the 2 days before that as I need to do some packing and sleep early. (The time of this post tell you how messed up my sleeping hours are.)


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