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Neverending New Beginnings: K-ON! - Episode 9

30 May 2009

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Haruka Takahashi

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K-ON! - Episode 9

Azusa has just entered the light music club. Except for Mio, they start asking her questions that made her nervous.


Azusa is in class 1-2 and plays the guitar like Yui. Yui blushes when Azusa called her senpai (先輩; senior) to the point that she daydreams.

#9 新入部員!

Yui gave her the guitar to see how well she could play the guitar. Azusa claims that she's still a beginner and can't play well. To everyone's shock, she plays it quite well and obviously better than Yui. Trying to act superior, Yui says that Azusa has a long way to go. Azusa was excited and wants to her Yui play the guitar, but Yui gives the excuse of straining her back during the live performance. Azusa then hands in the application form and heads out.

Azusa enters the room the next day and wants to start practicing, but Tsumugi, Yui and Ritsu wants to have a cup of tea instead. Azusa feels uncomfortable about drinking tea in the music room. Sawako soon walks in and sits down. Being a teacher, Azusa wanted to asked something regarding drinking tea, but she herself asked Tsumugi for Milk Tea. As Tsumugi placed a sliced cake on the table, Sawako then introduces herself as the club advisor. (Where did Mio come from?) Seeing that everyone is eating cake and talking among themselves, Azusa wonders if she is in the light music club and that they are testing their initiative. Azusa strikes a chord on her guitar, but Sawako immediately yells. Ritsu yells at Sawako back for being an idiot and Mio comforts her, but what make Azusa snap was when she heard them saying things on them not doing anything serious like teatime that obviously have nothing to do with practicing. She calmed down only when Yui hugged her and patted her on the head.

Some days later, Azusa still thinks about the other day and doesn't feel like going after all the trouble she had caused. She then enters the room, only that they have not changed. Upon them seeing her, they said that they were about to practice, but Azusa can't resist the cake. (Again, Mio seems to pop out of nowhere.) Azusa has been playing the guitar since primary school year 4 and that her parents were in a jazz band, which does not make her a beginner. But when Yui was asked when she stared playing, Yui seem to try avoiding the question and changed the subject. As a present for the newcomer, they presented her cat ears and everyone can't seem to resist her cuteness. (And now Mio disappeared unnoticed again...)

Azusa feels left out.

Sometime later, when they have switched to summer uniforms (Yui is still wearing pantyhose unlike the year before...), they are still treating her as a playtoy. Mio however, is oblivious to all this. Looking as though it was Mio's thoughts, Ritsu whispers on how things has changed for Mio since Azusa joined and spoils it at the last word.

Yui offers everyone to head to an ice-cream shop near her house.

Mio soon held an emergency meeting about the behaviour of the rest towards Azusa and might make her quit if this continues. Ignoring Mio, Ritsu suggesting having a welcome party for her.

At the party, Azusa wonders why Mio joined the carefree club despite being skilled and asked her if she is in an outside band. Mio replies that being a part of it does sound fun, but is interrupted by Ritsu (who was catching a Frisbee that went astray a short while ago) and partially took out a photo from the envelope. Stage curtains and a pink banner of the school festival of the year before (episode 6) were seen in the reveal parts of the photo. Thinking that it might be the time her panties were accidentally exposed to everyone after their performance. Azusa comments to herself on how well Ritsu knows Mio's weakness. At the end of the day, Sawako, Tsumugi, and Yui do not seem to care about Azusa's feelings until Mio reminded them again.

Everyone soon start some serious practicing. With both Yui and Azusa playing the guitar, song that they could play has increased. Knowing Yui, Ritsu would decide who would become the lead guitarist after they both performed. Yui gave Azusa the stare to make her go first. After she performs, Yui pretends to have a back ache again but soon begs Azusa on how to play the guitar. During break, Sawako, Yui, and Tsumugi treat her the same way as day one.

Wanting to join another band, Azusa brings her guitar around to various band performances and not turn up at the light music club, but something seems missing. She doesn't know what motivated her to join the club. The others were worried and played the song during the freshman reception concert (episode 8). Answering to Azusa's question to Mio on why she did not join other bands at the park the other day, she replied that it's because it's fun playing with them and that everyone feels the same that they could perform well.

Azusa joins them again in the end.


Note: The statue and its decorations look ugly in this episode...