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Neverending New Beginnings: K-ON! - Episode 8

25 May 2009

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Haruka Takahashi

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K-ON! - Episode 8

Ui Hirazawa is visiting Sakura High to check the results of her entrance exams. To her excitement, her name is there and would be enrolled into her older sister's school in spring. Yui and the others came along to support her.


At the first day of the new school year, students check the notice board near the shoe lockers to see what class they will be in. Ritsu, Yui and Tsumugi are in class 2-2, but Mio is in class 2-1. Ui pops by and fixes Yui. Ritsu comments that Ui should be the older sister. The bell for the first lesson is heard and everyone goes their separate ways. 2-2 is on the 2nd floor, so Mio is separated from the others at the stairs. Mio finds that there is no one she knows in her new class of 2-1 until Nodoka goes up to her, who is also separated from people she knows.

#8 新歓!

Everyone is promoting their clubs and the Light Music club is no exception. They would be facing stiff competition as the larger clubs would have better tactics. Mio did some designs (seems to be of the same design from the year before), but it lacks a selling point. Sawako drops by to help them.

All the members are wearing animal costumes (lol) and would be having a live performance the following day, but it had the opposite intended effect. Yui overheard Ui having a conversation with a friend on what clubs to join and runs towards them. The two girls turns around and, to their shock, they saw an oversized chicken running towards them and quickly ran towards the nearby building. Azusa and an another girl saw the incident. At that moment Mio (in a horse suit) gives them a pamphlet saying that they are from the light music club and to head to the music on the 3rd floor after school if they're interested. Azusa then saw all the other people in animal costumes gathering together.

Despite all their effort, it seems that no one has paid (positive) attention to them. On that, Sawako showed them a maid costume that she had also made. The only exception is Tsumugi and Sawako.

At the end of school in Ui's classroom, a girl wanted to go with her to check out the light music club. The other girl appears to still be horrified from what happened earlier during lunch. Azusa was looking at Ui when someone approached her to view the exhibition by the jazz club at their clubroom on the 2nd floor. Azusa joins her.

Ui and her friend reaches the room and knocks on the door and opens the door. Ui is surprised to see her older sister, and everyone else, in their maid uniforms. At that moment Sawako zooms past them with Mio (still in her uniform) and a maid costume, out of the room to somewhere. She also zooms past Azusa and friend at the stairs on the second floor. Sawako has been addicted to dressing them since Christmas. Ui introduces to her friend to everyone in the room while Nodoka drops by demanding for the application form from Ritsu or the club won't be able to perform. By the time Ui finishes her introduction, Sawako is back with Mio in a maid outfit.

Azusa and friend leaves the Jazz clubroom. She finds it to be different from real jazz. At the stairs she walks past earlier, she took out the pamphlet she received earlier and then looked up the stairs, where the Music Room is.


Back in the preparation room, everyone gets ready to perform, but the maid costumes were in the way, so they changed into their tracksuits. Azusa wanted to take a peak into the music room. She and a friend with here saw them performing in tracksuits instead of the animal costumes they were wearing at lunch. They also saw Ui in there with a bothering face on her.

After the performance, Yui apologizes for not having a proper performance as they were usually serious. Ui's friend don't seem to be impressed by them though. As they make their way out, she seems to be behaving very strangely partly because of the revealed fact that she is the younger sister of one of the members. Upon reaching the locker, her friend made an excuse to head to the toilet and asks her to go ahead. Ui saw Azusa there. Azusa just leaves without saying a word to her.

Back at the Hirazawa household that night, Ui is cooking dinner and Yui is preparing her guitar for tomorrows performance and asks her what the best part about the light music club. Ui recalls about the time Yui would behave before she joined that club the year before and how much has changed. Yui still wants ice-cream before dinner though.

The next day at the hall, the light music club members are preparing behind closed curtains for the freshmen reception. Mio is nervous, Yui found a 100 yen coin, Ritsu looks at the list of songs they would be performing, Tsumugi prepares her keyboard. Since Mio is still nervous from the last live performance (episode 6) and that the person doing the vocals has not really been decided, Yui would be doing all the vocals. Ritsu assures that the incident from then would not happen again, but the mention of it made her even more scared. Yui and Tsumugi made fun of her by saying names of food and have her say no to those.

Meanwhile, back in Ui's (almost empty) classroom, her friend met a cool senior back in the jazz club, so she won't be joining the light music club. Azusa stood at a corner to listen to them until Ui looked at her. Azusa tries to leave unnoticed by her, but Ui called her out to head to the hall, where all the first years are. Yui explained how she joined them back then after taking a break from the previous song. The way Yui explained to them annoyed Ritsu as she keeps adding on words after she was done talking when she thought that the performance of the next song would start.

However, just as Yui was supposed to start singing, she seems to have forgotten her lyrics and Mio has to come in to rescue her. Mio knows that from the fact she's playing the guitar for the difficult part of the intro quite well and that she would forget the lyrics when she does so (episode 5). During the performance, Ui at the far back of the hall notices Azusa trying to stand on her heels.


That evening, everyone is looking out of the door looking for any hopeful new members, but nobody seems to approach them. Tsumugi prepares tea for them and says that if they were to continue staring out the door, people who originally wanted to join would not come in. It was at that moment that Azusa enters the room saying that she wanted to join. Out of excitement, Ritsu jumps at the now-petrified Azusa to celebrate.


Note: The girl that went to watch the light music club in the music room, but end up going to the Jazz club appears to be Ui's friend from middle school and the credits seem to list her as "鈴木 純". Since her name wasn't mentioned, "鈴木 " could be read as "Atsumi/Azu/Aya/Ito/Kokoro/Jun/Junji/Sunao/Sumi/Tadashi/Tsunade/Pyua/Makoto/Masumi/Megumi/Yasushi Suzuki/Suzuko/Suzushi". Since her name in kanji is mentioned instead of having her voice actor as part of "生徒" (Student) listed last in the voice cast credits, she must have a significance of some sort later on. May not become the main character like Azusa, but at least on the level of Ui (before this episode), Nodoka, and Sawako.

28 June: Episode 13 has confirmed her name to be Jun Suzuki.