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Neverending New Beginnings: K-ON! - Episode 4

15 May 2009

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Haruka Takahashi

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K-ON! - Episode 4

Everyone is at the beach in the summer with a beautiful scene. Ritsu runs ahead of the group to swim and Yui follows her shortly after. They did not pay attention to the others.


After school, Mio is taking pictures at various places of the school. While looking around, she found a box labelled "Light Music Club". In it, there are various old things. She finds a black cassette tape labelled "Sakura High Festival".

#4 合宿!

In the clubroom, Yui tries to play the guitar, but hurts her finger in the process. She has forgotten how to play it since studying for the midterms in the previous episode. Unexpectedly, Mio opens the door and says to Yui and Ritsu that they would have a training camp during the upcoming summer vacation to train for the school festival after the vacation. Mio gets mad when the other two were not serious about it. Tsumugi enters shortly afterwards and prepares marmalade for Ritsu. Tsumugi gets happy when Mio explained what she had said to the other two. When Yui and the others wonders how much the camp would cost, Tsumugi says that she has a villa.

The day of the camp arrives. Paper fans and cups of ice-cream seen on the desk suggests that it's hot. Ui tries to wake Yui up, but remains asleep. When Ui calls her again after seeing Yui's packed bags, Yui gets up on her own. With the eyes still closed, she asks Ui for the time. It was at that moment that she receives a call from Mio. It seems that the others were already waiting for her.

In the train, Yui explains why she was late. Ritsu comments that she is a kid. During their conversation, Tsumugi talks in her sleep ("Jelly is nice"). Mio and Yui wonders what she's dreaming about and Ritsu decides to take a picture of her sleeping face. The flash and the beeping sound of the digital camera when Ritsu took the picture woke Tsumugi up. Ritsu asks her how far away they are from the villa. Tsumugi looks out of the window shortly before the train enters a tunnel, indicating that they would be arriving soon.

With the nice view of the sea after the train leaves the tunnel, Yui and Ritsu were excited that they opened the train window and stick their heads out to enjoy the sea breeze and the seagulls that were flying around. Mio keeps re-emphasizing the purpose of the trip, but those two seem to ignore her.

They arrive at a large villa. Tsumugi comments that it's the smallest. To Tsumugi's shock, "they" prepared more than what she wanted, which would be just to keep it simple. While Yui and Ritsu were running around on how nice-looking the bed is and the meat in the fridge, Tsumugi and Mio enters the room where they would be practicing, which looks like a car garage. It has all the equipment needed, but has hot been used in a while. Mio takes out a radio to play a sample of the tape she found earlier. They commented that the people playing the instruments on the tape are a lot better them, which is the reason why Mio came up with the idea of the camp.

Suddenly, Ritsu and Yui barges into the room wearing their swimsuits, asking them to play at the beach. Mio hesitated at first, but ends up going when Tsumugi joins them.


After spending the whole day playing on the beach and having dinner, Yui and Ritsu were feeling tired and sleepy, but practice is only about to start. Mio then places the speaker attached to her bass amplifier speaker right in front of them, turn up the volume, and strike a cord. Although not immediate, the two sleepyheads reacted uncomfortably to it.

Ritsu is feeling reluctant to practice. As a motivator Mio says to Ritsu that she has gained weight from the lack of practice, but Yui finds her guitar too heavy. In the end, Yui and Ritsu gave up. When Mio asked what they would do about the festival, Ritsu jokingly replied to do a maid cafe as she is the most suited to wear the maid outfit and cutely saying "Moe Moe Kyun". Mio whacks her on that thought.

Some time later, outside, everyone had set up the fireworks for Mio while Yui performs in front of it, but it doesn't last long. Ritsu says that the will be more fireworks when they perform at the Budokan (武道館), which she reminds as being the goal. With that, Mio plays the tape from earlier and says to reach their level first. As the tape is being played, the music suddenly stops and a scary voice is heard, followed by a loud scream. A sound of the tape being stopped is soon heard, only to reveal that Mio was scared of that voice. To make matters worse, Ritsu whispers into her ear about the haunted house of barnacles from when playing at the beach earlier on in the day.

Back in the practice room, Yui plays the tune from the tape and sounded quite good, but doesn't know how to make a particular sound. Mio tells her that it is the vibrato, which involves bending the string while vibrating. Yui tries it out and finds it funny.

Everyone soon head to an open bath in the villa. Yui hurt her fingers again when trying to practice the fingering, but thanks her for the trip.

After the trip, at Mio's house, Ritsu gives her the photos from the trip. While looking through, the second photo Mio saw a picture of herself hugging a pillow. She got angry and strangles Ritsu.