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Neverending New Beginnings: K-ON! - Episode 5

17 May 2009

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Haruka Takahashi

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K-ON! - Episode 5

It's the summer after the holidays and Ritsu is looking through the album Mio had found in the previous episode. She shows it to Yui who had just walked in. In the album, there are pictures from the old light music club. The fashion they were wearing makes Ritsu wonder what era it was from.


Everyone is now in the clubroom. While Yui was practicing, she had a cut on her fingertip and was visibly bleeding. Mio was somehow scared upon hearing this. Ritsu decides to make fun of her but ignores Yui who wanted a bandage. At that moment, Sawako Yamanaka, the club advisor and Yui's music teacher, entered to borrow some stands.

#5 顧問!

Tsumugi walks out of a room and hears Yui yelling in pain from the staff room. In there, Sawako was disinfecting Yui's finger and applying the bandage. She checks her fingers and said that her fingers would bleed again and advised to play more to have her fingers harden. On that, Yui asks her if she plays the guitar too, but replied that her old friends used to play them. A male teacher then sits at the desk opposite Sawako's and she offers him tea. Yui turns around and noticed Tsumugi standing outside at the doorway.

As they walk down the corridor, it turns out that Mio asked Tsumugi to had in the form for using the stage during the school festival, but the club is not yet recognized as an official club yet, and therefore rejected. Took Yui a while to realize what she just said. Back in the club room, Ritsu was shocked about the club not being recognized and wants to investigate the cause. Mio is still trembling from earlier.

Yui and Ritsu barges into the student council room, but is surprised to see Nodoka in there. Turns out that she is a student council member. Nodoka looks through the list of approved clubs and finds that the light music club is not there. (Where did Tsumugi come from?) Ritsu thinks that this is a conspiracy to force small clubs to disband, but it turns out that they did not hand in the club application form. Tsumugi and Ritsu never heard of such thing, but Mio barges in with an evil aura saying that they had.

It was back in spring in the clubroom when Ritsu starts to fill up the form. Tsumugi calls out that she had brought pound cake that day. Ritsu was happy and jumps to it, saying to Mio that she would fill the form when she finishes eating. Mio tries to stop her though. In the end, Ritsu did not fill it up and the form now lies crumpled under one of the desks in the music room. Almost everyone argued among themselves. Nodoka says that she would sort everything out by filling out the form for them, but stops when asked who their advisor is. Everyone gave a blank stare at her. They did not have any.

Everyone followed Sawako around until she notices them. They beg her to be their advisor as there was no one else but her. After some fruitless persuasion, Yui asked if she had graduated from Sakura High as she was looking through the album from earlier. Sawako immediately made a mad dash to to the club room at the mention of the album. She reaches the room and opens the album, but the particular photo in question is missing, which Ristu was holding. Sawako admits to being part of the club. Yui played the tape from the previous episode. Sawako (and Mio) heads to a corner and shuts her ears out of embarrassment. Yui wants to her to play her guitar. From the moment she touches it she seems to enter some kind of a trance and starts playing the guitar with a change of personality.

When she revert back to her normal self, she wanted to have a pure image of a teacher and was recalled of her time from eight years ago.


Sawako was in love with someone, but he prefers girls who are more wild. That made her to become the girl he liked. (A broken classical guitar was seen.) As she became more and more wild, the guy became further and further away at her performance and said at a particular spring some years later that she was overdoing it.

When she got out of the flashback mode, Ritsu threatened Sawako that she should become their advisor unless she wants her secret to be leaked. Yui says that she is too tough. Yui then notices Tsumugi looking at Ritsu and Sawako with the same stare as she was looking at Yui earlier. She snapped out only when Mio called her.

They played what they had prepared for the festival so far to Sawako. She finds that there were some problems with it, with the most obvious being lacking a vocalist. Sawako becomes mad and everyone was scared of her. It wasn't until Tsumugi offered her some cake that she calmed down.

At Mio's house, she tries to figure out the lyrics when she receives a message from Tsumugi. It said that her heart has been thumping since Sawako became their advisor and wishes her luck on writing of the lyrics. On the word "thumbing" (ドキドキ), she recalls from when Yui alerted her when Tsumugi was staring blankly. Thinking on how they are linked to her message, Mio thought that she had an affection for Sawako, but did not think that it would be possible as they are both girls and Sawako is older.

Mio is done with the lyrics but doesn't want to show to the others as it's embarrassing. Ritsu then grabs the sheet from her but argued on who and why should read it first. It wasn't until they got off topic that Sawako grabs it from them. Ritsu butts in to see the lyrics:
揺れる思いは マシュマロみたい
ふわタイム ふわタイム
They find the lyrics weird but Yui likes it. When Ritsu asks for Tsumugi's opinion, she was blankly staring at Yui and Mio and blindly replied to the question Ritsu asked. Sawako is the only one who agreed with Ritsu, but then she though of if that she says that she likes it, her image (being their advisor) could be raised and imagine being liked by everyone. She proceeds to cutely say that she likes it, out of Ritsu's surprise.

Giving in, Ritsu says to go with the lyrics Mio has written and asks her to do the vocals. However, Mio rejects it as she could not sing such an embarrassing song. Avoiding Yui for some reason, Ritsu keeps looking at Tsumugi if she wants to do it. In the end, Yui was chosen, but forgets to sing and play the guitar at the same time. Sawako then offers to have her go through some special training with her and leaves the room. It was that moment that Mio notices that same blank stare. On being asked if she like Sawako, she instead replies that girls bonding together with is great, but Mio and Ritsu did not understand what she meant.

A week later, they confirmed with Nodoka again about the usage of the stage on the day of the festival and would contact again about the performance time being confirmed. Sawako and Yui made an appearance at that moment upon the completion of the special training. Everyone was shocked that Yui was able to play the guitar well, but lost her voice from training too much. Nodoka says that they have to confirm the vocalist as the festival is just 3 days away. In the end, they look to Mio as she is, after all, the one who wrote the lyrics. On that, Mio faints.