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Neverending New Beginnings: K-On! - Episode 6

19 May 2009

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Haruka Takahashi

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K-On! - Episode 6

The audience applauded as the curtain in the school hall rises to reveal the members of the Light Music Club. Mio is trembling. Ritsu soon starts the performance.


The day of the Sakura High Festival has arrived. People were walking in and many stalls, games and decorations were set up at the front courtyard and all over the school. As Mio walks down the decorated corridor and pass the No Entry (立入禁止) sign, she wonders if the others are in the club room yet. Mio finds the room empty.

#6 学園祭!

Yui's class is serving fried noodles. She has to be there for the morning session, so she can't practice with Mio. At that moment, the breaker tripped for the umpteenth time. Someone come in and talk to them, but said that it was class 1-5 the cause. She heads to where Ritsu is. She's in charge with the admission for the haunted house and that there is a long queue waiting outside. When asked where Tsumugi is, Ritsu points to the inside. Mio becomes terrified when she saw the sign. As she walks around the dimly lit place with scary things around, she heard a scream and becomes even more frightened. She heard Tsumugi's voice and turns around, but what she saw made her scream loud enough to be heard where Yui is and scare everyone else in the haunted house.

Nodoka drops by to see Yui. The performance starts at 3 o'clock, so she would find someone to take over Yui's place to let her practice. Yui soon rushes out of the class (Where did she change?) and runs to where Ritsu is, asking where the others are. Tsumugi is still inside, Ritsu's shift is almost over, and Mio is probably in the club room.

Yui is still standing at the door outside the club room when the other two arrived. The three of them took a peak inside and saw Mio practicing very hard inside alone. Mio was shocked when Ritsu bangs open the door and everyone walking in. The practice begins...

After they had perfected the song, Sawako came in with the clothes she had made for them, but Mio doesn't like them. Sawako gave her the other option to have her old clothes, but Mio preferred the other option in the end. Also, Tsumugi and Yui likes them.


Everyone starts to carry the instruments and equipment to the backstage of the hall before their performance. Knowing that Mio would be too worried about the performance, she did not have her to carry them. Yui finds the equipment heavy that she had was struggling to carry it. Along the way, Tsumugi had walked past her three times and Yui wonders how she could do that easily. Yui was relief when she finally manages to put it down at the back of the hall. Yui overhears that after the current performance, the choir next, and then the light music club.

After everyone was done moving the equipment, Tsumugi invites them for tea. Yui asks Ritsu if she was childhood friends with Mio. Ritsu wasn't sure if she first met her in kindergarten or primary school, but she was already shy back then. Mio comes in to join them and Tsumugi served her tea. Ritsu was surprised on how calm she looked. As she picked up the cup of tea, she says that she can't be nervous the whole time and is no longer a kid, but the way she hold the cup of tea says otherwise. Mio desperately wants to swap places with Ritsu and play both the drums and bass at the same time, but that is obviously impossible. Yui blames herself for losing her voice that Mio has to do this, but Yui has yet to have her voice recovered.

Back at the hall, after the choir has performed, Yui and the others are excited about performing, but Mio is still nervous about the clothes she's wearing. It was then they heard the MC announcing their turn. Everyone rushes to their positions. Yui tripped over the wire for the drums but almost fell down. The stage lights were turned on and the button to raise the curtain was pressed to reveal the band to the audience.

Everyone in the audience likes the outfits the band was wearing. Mio gets very nervous with everyone in the audience are looking at her. Yui, Ritsu and Tsumugi gave her encouragement by saying how hard she had already practiced. The performance starts with Ritsu with the drumsticks.


At the end of their performance, everyone in the audience applauded. Even Sawako and Nodoka who are at the sides are applauding for them too. Mio thanks them. With that, they leave the stage. However, Mio then trips over the wire connected to the amplifier and falls flat down. As she gets up, the audience gaps in shock. Mio doesn't know what was going on until she realizes that her panties are exposed to them. With an awkward pause and a camera flash, Mio screams in horror.

The following day, everyone congratulated each other about the performance. (How did they remove the festival decorations without any traces so quickly?) Because of yesterday's incident, Mio now has her own fan club, except that the person in question is still depressed about the incident.