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Neverending New Beginnings: K-ON! - Episode 3

8 May 2009

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Haruka Takahashi

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K-ON! - Episode 3

Yui finds playing the guitar scary as the strings are thin and hard that it feels like they would cut her fingers. Ritsu then jokingly added that her fingers would bleed everywhere if Yui's not careful. At that moment, Mio screamed as she squats on the floor with her hands covering her ears. Yui assures to Mio that she's not bleeding. Mio then reverts back to her usual self saying that Yui's fingertips would toughen so that they won't bleed. On that, Mio shows Yui her hand. Yui holds them and comments on how squishy they are and continues squishing her hand for a while longer.


Yui is clueless as to where to start for practicing, so Mio gives her a book to memorize the chords, except that Yui doesn't know how to read those.

#3 特訓!

After school Nodoka meet up with Yui. Nodoka would be heading home late that day as she would be heading to the library to study for mid-term tests. It wasn't a while later that Yui realizes what Nodoka had said. It was revealed that Yui had not been been studying for tests since middle school.

The day of the exam arrives, but Yui seems to have problems doing her maths test and wonders how to solve the question.

In the club room after the tests, Tsumugi finds that High school tests are harder. Mio then directs everyone's attention to Yui, who is making a laughter of disappointment. Yui is the only one in her class who has to take a make-up test. She showed her paper and scored a miserable 12/100. As to why she did not study, she explains that when studying, she feels like doing something else. Ritsu scored 89/100, but not before asking Mio for help just before the test. For Tsumugi and Mio, their scores were not shown, but appears to be better than Ritsu.

Some days later, Yui is seen coming out of a room and into the club room, where the others are having sweet been jelly. As Yui eats, she commented that people who have to take make-up tests are banned from club activities until they pass. The rest finds that curel and that Yui shouldn't be in the music room. However, without Yui, there would only be the 3 of them, which means that the club won't have enough people as a minimum of 4 members is needed to form a club. The re-test would be a week from then.

Day 1: Back at home that night, Yui is motivated to study. But as she looks at her desk in a mess and starts cleaning up, Yui came across a book that Mio had earlier gave her and ended up practicing the guitar.

Day 2: The other members finds it hard to find anything worthwhile without Yui around and Mio wonders if she's studying. That night, Yui does some studying, but keeps looking at the guitar and ends up playing it, abandoning her studies.

Day 4: The others start to worry if Yui is studying. They imagined Yui rolling around in her bed, laughing, while reading a comic book, and eating some potato chips. That made Ritsu more worried. Tsumugi suggests each of them sending a text message that night. That night Yui receives messages from each one of them right after reading the previous message. Ritsu however, sent her a video of herself tossing a potato chip into the air and catching it. But as she was about to catch it, she bumps into the table and spill the contents of the bag of chips and a cup of soda and her cleaning it up. Yui laughs at that.

Day 5: Yui bought a book to help her concentrate in 5 minutes, but can't do it. She ends up playing with the guitar again.

Day 6: Yui begs Mio for help. Mio accepts her offer and that there will be training for her that night.


Yui's parents are on a business trip that day, so everyone would not have to worry. The rest remembers that Yui has a younger sister and wonders what she is like. They imagined the younger sister rolling on the bed while the older sister rolls on the floor in the same room with the both of them calling each other and reading a comic book. They laughed at that thought.

When they reached the Hirazawa household, Ui immediately greets Yui and the rest. They find her to be quite mature and very different from Yui. Ui is a year younger, so she is in Middle school 3rd year and is preparing for entrance exams.

With Mio's help, Yui begins her revision. Ritsu gets bored, spins around in the chair, and then pick some comics to read on the bed. Mio knock her when she laughed loudly. As Ritsu sits at the side of the bed (with the lump from earlier), she noticed that Yui's legs are getting numb and pokes it. Yui got shocked from it and Mio throws Ritsu out of the room out of anger with another lump.

Some time later, Mio wonders if she could get back in. She opens the door and says commented on how hardworking they are, but rushes back out when no one responded. On second try, she enters the room while making a peace sign in a girly voice saying that it's her. Still no response. She then decides to have a more dramatic impact by pushing the door open while yelling, get down and roll on the floor, and yells to beg them. As she comes in, Mio gets to her and knocks Ritsu again for being noisy.

At break (and Ritsu receiving her 3rd lump), Nodoka drops by to see how Yui is progressing with her studies. Yui introduces them to her. Looking at a photo album, Nodoka says how ill she was on day and how Yui brought her the printouts everyday, except that Yui mixed it up with the test papers (with horrible grades). Mio then says about the same thing about Ritsu. Out of embarrassment, Ritsu tries to stop her from saying.

It's 8 o'clock at night and everyone is still in Yui's room, except for Nodoka who appears to have left. Yui starts to become sleepy when Mio explains how to solve x²-xy-6y²+2x-y+1.

In the dream, Yui then finds herself to be in a small house made out of tree logs with a heavy snow storm outside. Calling Mio as "the captain", she asks where Ritsu is. Mio points to a window to see that Ritsu is in an igloo, not too far away, cooking something. Everyone else were saddened about not being able to do anything about it. Yui woke up from her dream, relieved to see Ritsu, and wished her good luck. The rest were puzzled.

With getting all the questions correct, Yui has finished her revision half an hour before midnight. It seems that Ritsu was playing video games with Ui downstairs during that time.

The day of the re-test has arrived. Including Yui, there are a total of 6 girls taking the re-test. With all of her concentration, Yui does the test. Meanwhile, everyone in the clubroom was worried about Yui.

When the results came out some days later, Yui entered the club room, holding the paper, with a shocked expression that looked as though she had failed, but actually scored a full 100 marks. (Circles indicates correct while a line from the bottom left to the top right indicates a wrong answer) After taking a picture of Yui holding her paper, everyone became relieved with thanks from everyone. With that, they celebrate by practicing their instruments.

It seems that Yui has forgotten how to play the guitar from all that studying on solving the maths equations...