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Neverending New Beginnings: K-On! - Episode 7

21 May 2009

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Haruka Takahashi

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K-On! - Episode 7

It's the holiday season of back when Yui and Ui were younger. Yui struggles to put up the star on top of the (small) Christmas tree. Ui, who is holding the chair she's standing on, was worried for her. Yui then worries about whether Santa would come, while Ui wants a white Christmas that year, which means that everything would by snow on Christmas day. On Christmas morning, Yui wakes Ui up and brings her to the tree at the driveway. Ui sees what appears to be snow, but notices something strange about it. It turns out that it's the fluff from inside their cushions, which had Yui into trouble that day. (I noticed that car over there seem to remain unchanged...)


Back to the current times, Yui and Ui are walking to school. They noticed each other to have lost a scarf and a left glove. They shared Yui's scarf and hold each other.

#7 クリスマス!

In the club room, Ritsu has made a poster for the Christmas party on Christmas eve at Tsumugi's house (with an admission fee of 1000 yen). The problem is that her house is not free on that day. There is always something being held there and needs to be reserved a month in advance. Ritsu's place is too messy and Mio's has a lot of embarrassing items lying around. They end up having it at Yui's house, whose parents travel frequently and are in Germany on that day. Ritsu also suggests gift exchanging on that day and invites Nodoka too.

Soon everyone heads out to shop for the gift exchange. They received lucky draw vouchers, but all of them only gets boxes of tissues. They then heard a ringing bell from nearby indicating that someone had won a large prize. It was Tsumugi winning a trip to Hawaii, but turned it down and exchanged it for a game of life board game. Meanwhile Ui wonders what food she would make and what to perform.


Ui was preparing food when she heard a pop sound from the living room. Ui went out to see what happened, only to see Yui playing with the party popper and asked her to do the decorations. Ui places the sandwiches on the table and heads back to the kitchen. (Looking at the outside, the living room seems to be on the 2nd floor) Suspicious, Ui turned around after a while to check that Yui does not eat the food meant for the guest.

Once everyone arrived and the food is ready, they had some drinks. However, Sawako seem to appear out of nowhere. On asking on why she wasn't invited, Yui said loudly to everyone that they thought that Sawako would be on a date with her boyfriend. That made her even more embarrassed and made her wear the (female) Santa costume. But Yui manages to wear it without embarrassment, so she proceeds to make Mio wear it. Mio resisted it a lot just as Nodoka arrives at the doorstep.

The time for gift exchanging arrived. Sawako would start singing Jingle Bells as everyone passed around the gifts and the gift they would be holding when she stops singing would be theirs. Ritsu notices that the gift she received was hers, so Sawako swaps with her. Sawako then unwraps the present quickly and opens it only to find a yellow thing with a spring on it to knock her in the face. Everyone else was afraid she would become angry because of it, and knowing that she was having trouble finding a boyfriend for a long time. Yui and Ui opened up theirs and received gifts from each other. They then had fun and games until it's late. It started to snow when Yui and Ui send them off.

Just as Ui enters her bed, Yui walks in and wants to sleep with her and to stay warm. In the end, Yui was coiled up in Ui's blanket as she slept and Ui has nothing but her scarf to keep her warm.

At the temple on New Year's Day with the club members, Yui talks about how much she eats without gaining weight. Mio and Tsumugi were sad by this fact as they had gained some weight. They then noticed Sawako tying bad luck charms at the tree for some number of times.

They wished for what they wanted, but Ritsu asks to do so for the club. Ritsu whacks Yui when she wishes for Tsumugi to bring more cakes.